Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Coming Soon...

An update on what we have been up too since July!!!! I got way behing when I went to Washington for a month in August and then Soccer in September and who knows in October and then my computer crashing the middle of October. I refused to buy a new computer (which was way overdue) until after Thanksgiving when all the sales are out there. So now that I am back from my 7 days cruise with Tyrel and my sister and her husband, my computer has been delivered and hooked up. So stay tuned for updates from the last 4 months with lots of pictures!!!! Hope you all have been well!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kids Are Funny

Funny things said lately in our house.

Mom:Trip Would you like a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch?
Trip: No, I would like a boy cheese sandwich.
Mom: Oh, so what is Peyton having for lunch then?
Trip: A Girl Cheese sandwich!!

I was folding up some clothes that Peyton out grew and putting them in a tote.
Cooper:Mom what you are doing with those girl clothes?
Mom: I am putting them in this tote, they are too small for Peyton.
Cooper:Oh, are you going to sell them?
Mom: No, I am going to save them just in case we need them again.
Cooper: Why? We aren't having another girl, you can sell those.

On the way our the door the other day.
Cooper: Mom are you getting Peyton dressed?
Mom: Yes!
Cooper: Well are you going to change your shirt?
Mom: No, I am all ready to go.
Cooper: Oh, cause that shirt doesn't look very good!

There is a positive to that last narrative. My children are actually really good at compliments and manners. They say thank you and please and always tell me how pretty I look when I get ready. They have learned that from their dad. So for Cooper to actually tell me I didn't look good makes me think all those other times that he told me I looked good, maybe I did. If he is willing to tell me when something doesn't look good then maybe their is more meaning behind his compliments and not just habit from hearing his dad.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Garden Update

So I have really enjoyed my garden this year and I think what has made it the best is that my friend Elizabeth is doing it with me. She comes over once a week and we weed. Now that stuff is coming on we started at 8:30am this morning weeding, then picking green beans, cucumbers, and of course zucchini. We then moved into the house to can green beans, pickles, and this yummy vegetable relish, and shred more zucchini. I now have 40 quart bags in my freezer of zucchini and Elizabeth has some (not that much yet, because she is going to pick while I am gone for the next month)and I have given some to my neighbor. We only got 5 quarts of green beans, but they are just starting to come on so we will see how many she gets done while I am gone, and 8pints of pickles (which was our first picking), and 8pints of this yummy relish. She then left at 4pm. It was a long day. But I have definitely decided canning and gardening is fun when you do it with a friend. Oh yeah I just got a text from my friend saying her mother-in-law just called her to let her know zucchini was on sale at Safeway!!! She just laughed at her and said she had it coming out her ears!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's About Time!!!

Finally!! I finally got my ears pierced. I have never had a desire to get it done. It's not that I have been afraid or anything, I just didn't really care enough to do it. Even though they are done I am still not super super excited about it, but now it's done and it does look better than I thought. It was funny when I got it done I felt so grown up and 8 years old all at the same time!! So I guess I am officially coming into the grown up world!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crafit Fair!!

I am so bummed I forgot my camera. Last weekend was the craft fair where my sister-in-law Kristin and I sell our baby crafts. It was a lot of fun and I did better than last year!! I was also bummed Tyrel didn't have a camera. While I was at the craft fair all day, grandma watched Peyton and Tyrel took the two boys with his brothers horseback riding in the mountains. They are starting to get campsites ready for the fall hunting season. Tyrel has such good memories of riding all day in the mountains and I love that my boys are starting to make some of those memories too! They really enjoy riding and always come back with lots of stories!! I was impressed that even though they were gone all day they came back with huge grins still and not tired and crabby!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Do Nothing Day!!

I have been trying to fight this cold of sinus infection, canker sores in the back of my mouth, and coughing all night with no sleep so I decided Monday I would do nothing but rest so I could get rid of it. Apparently a Do Nothing Day for a mom still consists of laundry (somehow my kids were out of underwear when I just did laundry Thursday), feeding kids three meals, moving sprinklers, keeping my house picked up, running to town because State Farm needed something from me, watering my garden, visiting a family who is moving in my ward, and getting the slip n slide out for my kids!! Yikes if that was My Do Nothing Day, I am in for it today now that I have stuff to get done! Actually my friend volunteered to watch my kids all morning so I could finished my craft stuff for the craft fair this weekend!! All you mom's out there are awesome, even when we are trying to do nothing we are doing a million things!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So lots of pictures for our 4th of July. I love going to Pagosa Springs for the 4th!! It was a fun filled weekend of Rodeo, a quick stop at a family reunion, breakfast at the church, parade, carnival, fireworks, I even played two games of volleyball, and lots of fun visiting with family and friends. We all had a good time and we are all exhausted. The kids took almost 4 hour naps today when we got home and I even took 1 1/2hr nap because I am getting sick, but we are beat!! Tyrel really does have a fun family.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Craft

Who needs a new craft right?!! Well my friend showed me how to make these hair bows out of fabric and having tons of scrap fabric from my car seat canopies I decided to make a bunch of these and make some for the craft fair I am headed to in July and of course some for Peyton. I actually enjoy making these because they are simple to just sit and make while watching tv at night. I love projects I can do and watch a movie so I don't feel so guilty sitting and watching TV!! I am still experimenting with them. Just curious. How much would any of you pay for a bow like this

Cooper is 5!!!

Yesterday was Cooper's Birthday!! Yeah!! I can't believe he is 5. I can't believe I have a child that is old enough to go to school, even though we are not putting him in Kindergarten until next year because of his summer birthday! We just had a quiet little birthday on Sunday while Tyrel was home and his dad came over. He is such a good kid. He is a huge helper and is always trying hard to be good. If I had my way he would stay at this age forever. He is at an age where he is old enough to do stuff on his own, but still young enough to cuddle with me and believe in everything I tell him, he will still even take a nap here and there if I want him to. It is nice to have the oldest be a kid that works hard to Choose the Right and be a good example to his younger siblings. He got new western clothes from Tyrel's mom and dad and he got a new basketball hoop from us and some Cars from the Cars 2 movie. Also on Saturday Tyrel took Cooper and Trip to see the new Cars 2 movie and just had a guys outing.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Garden!!

In order for my garden to get the care it needs I have had to sacrifice the care my children needs!! While I was working on my garden the other day the boys were happily playing in the water and mud and then they disappeared into the house so I got nervous as to why my muddy boys where in the house and so...

While I was making my garden look "clean"....

This is what the boys did to help them look "clean" (This is my mud sink in my laundry room.


We just recently did a camping trip with Tyrel's family. We had a blast. The camp ground was perfect (which is rare, we usually like camping in just national forest), but it was private and perfect for kids. We had so much fun hanging out will all of Tyrel's family!! Of course after cracking down on my boy's use of the words poop or toot or any other phrase like that I am back to square one after a weekend with their uncles!! But there are worse things!! I was prepared for a weekend of no sleep with three kids in a tent, but I was pleasantly surprised by them sleeping great which in return made the whole weekend great!! We spent the weekend going on family dirt bike/4wheeler rides, hanging out, and enjoying some yummy food!! It was so nice to get a nice family trip in before Sackett leaves on his mission in August!!! This trip got me aching to go camping again!!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Trip for a while insisted on a BEAR cake. Not my best work, but still fun!! And the green frosting is best frosting ever! Cool Whip, milk, vanilla, and instant pudding!! YUM

His new bike that of course showed up the day after his brithday. The joys of living in the country and internet shopping.

Trip cried when we sang him Happy Birthday. I guess he did when they sang it too him in nursery at church too!!

Trip is finally 3!! Yes I said Finally! For some reason I feel like he's been 3 for a while. Everyone keeps asking me "wow can you believe he's 3 already?" "Yes, yes I can" His Birthday fell on Memorial Day so we had a BBQ. We had several friends over and Tyrel's parents and brother and his family! It was a really great afternoon of just visiting, eating, and letting the kids run around!! Trip is truly a funny kid!! He has his moments like any kids, but he also has us cracking up all the time. He comes of with the funniest comments and has the funniest expressions. He is eager to be grown up like Cooper and LOVES LOVES his DAD!!! He lights up on the weekend's when Tyrel is home!! He loves to play with Cooper and can do anything he can do, or at least he thinks he can!! He is outgoing and over the last year has really come out of his shell socially. And of course he LOVES to have mom sit and hold him. He will always come find me and ask me to come sit and hold him.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well spring is here and so is lots and lots of work!! It still cracks me up that growing up I hated yard work and now I LOVE it! I love being outside all day doing various work. Two investments we made this year was to get a swing set and a riding lawn mower. I figured between mowing the lawn, water and pruning trees, feeding animals, spraying weeds, weeding flower bed, trimming along the driveway,and the garden and other yard work the kids needed something to play on. So now between the trampoline, their bikes, the swing set, helping me, and exploring my kids also spend all day outside with me. There is one thing for sure now and that is I am usually exhausted at the end of the day and fall asleep extra fast!!

Our fire pit. I was so excited that I got those wood reels for free from an electric company to use as tables for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows

The kids area. The trampoline hole is dug, but needs retaining wall, and Tyrel is still going to build a sand box.

This was all ugly gravel and rocks so I hauled dirt from the trampoline pit to plant some grass and put in all those upright timbers. It's nice to use what I had around and eventually I will take out all that red rock too and just do grass.

The kids new favorite place! Even Peyton can climb to the top.

The garden all fences in, tilled and planted!! Lets cross our fingers!!

This random spot in the backyard had a rose bush and just weeds so I decided with kids in the backyard it just needs grass!!