Sunday, March 23, 2008

Home Sweet Kind of Home

Well I am out of the hospital, but at my sister's. They agreed to let me come here, but I have to still be on bed rest. Next week I have to go back to the hospital for a check up and see if they are going to let me go home to Flagstaff next weekend. Bedrest is hard, but easy at the same time because everytime I get up I get a contraction, so that helps me realize how important it is to stay down. I am so greatful for family and Tyrel doing so much to make sure I rest. Can't wait to be back at my own house though, I think this crazy schedule is starting to take its toll on Cooper.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hospital Update

Well it's been a crazy week!!! The last few weeks I have had contractions off and on and my doctor told me not to worry about them, then on Monday they started coming pretty hard every 3 min so that afternoon my doctor came in and ran test and said I was in preterm labor so I went to the Flagstaff Hospital and they druged me up pretty good to get the contractions to stop I was so out of it I couldn't even pick up my hand or barely open my eyes. Then the next day they airlifted me to phoenix to a hospital that can handle a 26 week old baby if I went into labor. So since Tues I have been here in the St. Joe's Hospital in Phoenix. Today they took me off the medication and so far so good only a few contractions here and there. So they are discussing letting me go to my sister's house here in Mesa to be on strict bedrest. I can't go back to Flagstaff until at least 28 weeks because the hospital up there can't handle a premie until then. So luckily I have family here in the Phoenix area or I would be stuck in this hospital until I was 28 weeks. So tomorrow they will decide if I get to go all depending on how I continue to do without drugs. But they said if they let me go to my sister's I have to act like I do here where I can't get up except to use the rest room. The survival rate of my baby if I deliver is 90%, but then the baby would be in the hospital for like 14 weeks so we don't want that. We want this baby to stay inside as long as possible!!! The nurse told me to be extra careful because if I do go into labor they probably won't try to hard to stop me since now I am in their eyes in the safe zone, but that is still too risky in our eyes so it's going to be a long a couple months of sitting on my butt not doing anything. I am so grateful for my sister's and their willing to take Cooper and let me sit like a slug at their house for a while. Tyrel is worried about me getting up and trying to do stuff for Cooper and would rather have me stay in the hospital, but I promised him if they let me go I will not do anything, I can't I have to think of this little 2Ib 7 oz baby that is not ready to come into the world yet!! Through prayers we know everything is going to be fine as long as I do my part. We have not been worried and everyone at the hospital has been so great I am anxious to get out of here, but at the same time being here had kept our worried to a minimum. I will keep you updated tomorrow we will know more if they let me go home or not!! Sorry this was kind of wordy!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

80's Music

So I have been trying to post something for two days with pictures and everytime I try it wouldn't upload my pictures. So instead I took a little time to make a music playlist of some of my favorite 80's songs to clean my house to. Hope you enjoy!! Also as an update we are doing great. Cooper is getting so big and saying a few more words. Tyrel still works hard about 65 hrs a week and travels here and there during the week. As for me this pregnancy is going great. So far this baby is lower than Cooper was so he is occasionally in my ribs, but not all the time like Cooper. I feel great working out everyday and having fun in the spring weather with Cooper. We are all healthy and enjoy every time we have together as a family. Hope you are all doing well also!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Phoenix Sports Show

This weekend some of Tyrel's family came down to Glendale,AZ to set up their booth for the sports show. We spents some of Friday and all Saturday with them. Cooper loved it on Friday because there wasn't a lot of people so we let him run up and down the isles, jump on 4-wheelers, and run in campers and RV's on display. Saturday was kind of rough because it was super crowed and he had to stay in his stroller. Everyone took turns looking around at all the booths and pushing Cooper around to keep him happy. On Thursday we also got to have Tyrel's mom stay with us and Cooper had a blast. She wore him out playing with him non-stop! Which I think I enjoyed more than grandma and Cooper. Cooper finally was not shy of Grandpa or Grandma for the first time. He would go to grandpa and can even kind of say Grandpa, luckily he started saying mom earlier this week or he would have said grandpa before mom.