Sunday, January 25, 2009

We're finally here

Cooper helping loading the trailer. He even carried two gallon jugs of water. Once in each hand. He was kind of wabbly doing it.

Here are the two trailers filling up and Tyrel's truck on the flatbed in the distance

Just a cute picture of the boys enjoying their dinner

Cooper and Trip finally getting to enjoy their John Deere wagon they got for Christmas for Tyrel's parents. It's been at their house since we were moving here so they hung onto it.

Here's the boys toy room.

the family room

More of the family room.

Well we are settled in!! Getting here was a little rougher than we thought. Tyrel's Dad and brothers Coy and Spur started off by bring three trailors. Two for our stuff and one was a flat bed to haul Tyrel's 1976 Ford pickup. We got things loaded up and head to Bayfield,CO. Then about about an hour away from Bayfield on the same hill Coy's and Troy's trucks broke down. Troy's truck was completely dead so Coy litteraly pushed Troy's dually 4-door Ford pickup out from underneathe the trailor and then Spur hooked his truck up to the trailor. They took Tyrel's 76 Ford and hooked it up to the flatbed and since Coy's truck had a little power left they put it on the flatbed hauled it an hour to bayfield probably getting about 6 miles to the gallon using about a whole tank of gas. And Coy's truck was probably the heaviest of them all. Then once they got to bayfield Spur went back to get the other trailor with our stuff and a wrecker had to haul Troys truck to the shop since it didn't have enough power to get up on the flatbed trailer. So instead of getting to Bayfield at about 4:30pm they got in unloaded the one trailor with stuff that could freeze and got to the Tyrel's parents house at about 10:30. Once this all started I left with the two little boys because they had enough of the car and I just went to Tyrel's mom and dad's house in Pagosa to put the boys to bed. Then on Saturday Tyrel's mom watched the boys all day while Tyrel and I unpacked!! I think we started unpacking on Saturday and by Monday all the boxes where unpacked and stuff put away. We are settling well. Cooper is having a little bit of a rough time with all the changes, but it getting there. He is usually great with nursery and even when he visits other wards he's great, but with all the changes he has had a rough two weeks. The first week he went in just fine and then an hour later he came out crying and had to have one of us in there the whole two hours today. He has a rough time getting to bed except finally last night it only took 15 min instead of an hour and he freaks out if we are going to leave. But he loves living next door to "papa john" and "mama georgie" Tyrel's grandpa and grandma!! He asked to go over and visit all the time!! He has plenty of space to run around and get dirty!! We are grateful to be here and are excited to start looking for something to buy!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Signing Off For Now!!

Well I am going to pack my computer today. So I guess I will post next when I have things set up. We are moving this Friday so here we go on another adventure!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Girl's Week!!

This week started off great by taking off Monday morning to go and see my sister Sarah. That night I got there we went to her friends and had a Bachelor show premier little party. I don't watch that show, but after one episode I am hooked. Then Tuesday I got to go hang out with my sister-in-law Carrie and go to lunch with her and my two sister's Sarah and Lea Ann. Then on Wed my sister had a play group at her house. Then on Thursday I got my haircut. Then I headed home and stopped at my friend Meggan's house in Glendale, we had fun visiting and watching our boys have fun together. Then Friday called up two friends got a babysitter and we went to see Bride Wars and Saturday had a baby shower. This whole time Tyrel has worked this job and traveled for a 1 1/2 years I never done a girls night. And this week I have done so many fun things. Usually when I visit Sarah is really busy, but we got to hang out a lot and had a blast. I don't usually have a desire to do a girls night because Tyrel is home on the weekends and that is only time we get to hang out, but he is in Denver all weekend and I can't do a girls night during the week because I can't get a babysitter. So I know this is a cheesy post, but it was so nice to be around so many friends this week and make my week fly by. It was great to get to see a lot of people that I will miss so much when we move. I am so grateful for friends and the support of everyone around me who is willing to help me at the drop of a hat if I need it. This has been a great area to live in and I will miss it. Now Monday is back to the grind of doing the rest of the packing.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Here We Go Again!!

Well as you can see from the picture we are moving again!! This will be our 8th move in just under 4 years! We are moving to Colorado though finally! For now we are moving into an empty house that Tyrel's Grandpa and Grandma own in Bayfield,Co which is about 45 min from his parents, 10min Durango, and about 1hr 10min from Cortez which is where we want to buy a house. Tyrel's work is transfered him to the Denver office and he will work out of the four corners area. I have mixed feelings about this move. This move could potentially mean I see Tyrel less at times and more at times. But it get's us closer to where we want to be so Tyrel can find a job that brings him home at night. I am also bummed to leave my ward. This is the first ward where I have made so many friends. I am not ready to make new friends again. You think I would be used to it by now though. This ward has been great, not only have I made tons of friends, there are always a handful of people offering to help out watching the boys when I need it since they know Tyrel is rarely around and tons of girls anxious to babysit our boys when we want to go out on a date. We actually went on a date Fri and Sat this week it was great. We also had Tyrel home for two weeks. It was the best. We had so much fun together. We laughed so much and stayed up late playing games and watching movies. It was one of the best times we have had together in a long long time!! I still wasn't ready to take him to the airport last night to go back to Denver, but I am grateful to his work for giving him that time off paid even though he was out of vacation days!! So I guess it's back to more packing with a 2year old who likes to "help" and a 7mo old monster who is crawling into everything!!