Saturday, January 29, 2011

Done, done and DONE!!

The new theme for Primary this year is I Know the Scriptures Are True. So after seeing my sister in law's blog about these easy scripture cases I thought hey lets make them for the whole Primary. So I did. They turned out so cute. The girl's all have thier names, a butterfly or flower,and the theme. The boy's have the theme, their name, and an activity they are into like a sport or hunting or whatever their mom's told me. I had fun making them, but after making 42 I am glad to be done. Best of all too, was when I handed them out last Sunday I only had like 4 left over, all the other kids were there. I thought for sure I would have some forever tyring to hand them out each week. We are trying to get the kids to bring their scriptures each week so after learning they all have at least a Book of Mormon we hope to see them all with scriptures. The kids get so wrapped up in the scriptures as we try to use them most sharing times!! I am so excited for the new theme this year and I am so grateful to see our primary growing. We have been having over 30 kids that last couple of Sundays which is really good for us!!

Today was a pretty good day.

Today was a lot of fun. It was like 45 degrees sunny and beautiful. Tyrel's dad had to come to Cortez for something so he took us out to lunch and then the Elder's Quorum had a bowling activity so we got to go to that then we came home for Pizza and Root Beer floats. And best of all because of it our kids all crashed like at 7pm!!

More with Dad

So on Tyrel's Saturday's home he tries to squeeze in jobs that need done outside, playing with his kids, and spending time with me. He is amazing and fulfilling everyone's needs in a such a short time. Here are just some pictures of him and the boys on a Saturday. He is always working outside when he's home, but if the boys go out he will have them work with him or stop what he's doing and do something with them!!

Our Sled Hill!!

K so we don't actually have a sled hill, but for not having a hill on our property I have to say this is a pretty good sled hill for ages 5 and under!! My boys love sledding and so I turned our snow burm into one. At the bottom of the burm I shoveled a little bobsled like track and a walking path back up. Where the burm was the property is just enough sloped that the burm gives them just enough momentum to keep going!! i have to admit I was pretty impressed with my engineering skills and my boys loved it, so I have to say it was a sucess. Now Cooper begs for more snow to come so he can go again!!

New Years

Well last minute we lucked out to have some friends over for New Years Eve. We had our friends Sarah and Brian Balfou and their three kids. They also brought another couple and their two kids. We have fun eating a lot of food, playing games and amazingly all the kids stayed awake!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Week with Dad

So in between Christmas and New Years Tyrel's work decided to give him the week off. They didn't think it was worth him driving up Tuesday and back on Thursday. So we got to have him an extra week. During that time we got 2 feet of snow. It was fun to play in and I was especially happy to have him home for once during a snow storm to do the shoveling!! This time last year I was on a snow plow for four days straight!! But once again it was a blast to have Tyrel around.

Cowboy Christmas Party

Tyrel's Grandma and Grandpa threw a Cowboy Christmas dance the Monday after Christmas. There were over 100 relatives there. It was so much fun. My kids still talk about it. Their favorite part was the banditos that rode around on stick horses and have loved to play that since. Tyrel of course had a blast Country dancing. He loves it, too bad he got stuck with a wife that is horrible!! He even got into it by lip syncing Toby Keith's " I wanna talk about me" with his brother Sackett playing a kids guitar in the background. It was hilarious and I even caught it on video!! Will post later! Anyways it was a lot of fun and it is always fun to get together with family, especially a fun one like Tyrel's that makes it fun.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas in a NUTcrackerSHELL

Well because I am so far behind I thought I would just sum a Christmas to get it down. First of all before Christmas Tyrel's work flew me up to Denver for there Christmas part and my mother-in-law watched the kids. It was great to get a night out. Much much needed. The Christmas party was ok itself but his work put us up in a really nice hotel downtown Denver. Tyrel and I went and toured the Botanical Garden's with all their lights, had dinner at the hotel with his work and then snuck out to a late movie when the party started getting a little too loud. It was great to have that.

Then for Christmas we went to Tyrel's families house. It was so fun. The kids had a blast and it was fun to have two kids, three plus my nephew get excited about Santa and Christmas. Of course Grandma and Grandpa spoiled them, but that's ok. I can't so it's nice someone can. We had a big dinner Christmas eve and read the nativity story. Christmas morning we did present and had breakfast, which thanks me wasn't as great as I thought it was supposed to be. Oh well it's food!! Then we shot some clay pigeons. Then we went to Tyrel's Aunt and Uncle's for Christmas dinner, which I always love seeing them. They are a lot of fun. Then that night I played with the kids at the church with their new Christmas toys while the guys played basketball.