Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kids Being Kids

So I finally got out Cooper's old exersaucer for Trip. He loved it!! It needed to be cleaned up quite a bit! What was I thinking when I put it in storage that gross!! So now another thing Trip enjoys that frees up my hands. Well Cooper finally has a favorite movie that I can get him to sit for - Little Rascals!! It only can play in my room because it's on VHS, but he will sit and watch it and now quote it!! He will say the lines a split second before the kids do! I also finally figured out that is where he learned how to say "yes sir" and salute me whenever I ask him to do something. There are too many lines he has learned from that movie to list, but they crack me up, he even does the secret sign to get into the clubhouse!


So this last weekend I met Tyrel at his parents house in Pagosa Springs, CO since he has been working in Denver the last two weeks. We had a lot of fun. Cooper got to help feed the horses on the tractor with Grandpa and Cord, make pizza with Grandma, and ride the fourwheeler with dad. He wanted to spend every second outside. Then on Sunday we carved pumpkins. Cooper at first didn't want to have anything to do with taking the guts out. After Tyrel started carving Cooper had fun putting the guts back in and couldn't get enough of playing with them and throwing them so Tyrel had to be very careful to not take off his fingers with his carving knife!! We did a very basic face and Cord did the outline of the denver bronco logo. It was a great weekend and it was so nice to hang out with Tyrel.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Festival

This was actually the second one we went to today. We got to go on this little hayride to a make-shift pumkin patch where Cooper got to pick a pumkin. How sad that there aren't any real pumkin patches or corn mazes here, but we still had fun.

Another Fall Festival

This was the other little festival. We started off by going to this fall festival. Cooper got to play in a hay maze, pet animals, paint a rock, decorate a sugar cookie, and play with his friend Dylan. I didn't have my camera with me while he painted the rock or cookies, oops

Friday, October 17, 2008

Out with the Old in with the New!

Well I was so excited yesterday looking through craiglist and found this amazing bedroom set for the boys. The whole set is pretty much brand new. There is not one ding or scrap anywhere. I found this solid pine twin over full bunk bed with a tall four drawer dresser and a long 6 drawer dress for $350. It also came with a brand new full mattress on the bottom. I do need to get a twin mattress for the top. Cooper had fun helping dad take out his old bed and put together his new one. Cooper has already taken a nap on his new big bed. He loves it!! I love having tons of drawer space for all the boys clothes and stuff. Now I need to get another matching cowboy quilt for the other bed.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Food Storage

Well I had a very interesting experiance yesterday. My sister Sarah and I went to Fry's case lot sale to stock up on food. I have never spent that much money on food storage before and it felt so good. Usually when I spend money, especially that much I feel so bad and wish I would have not spent that much. After I bought all this food for storage all I could think was I should have spent more and I wish had more money to spend on it. It's amazing and wonderful how great you feel when you know you are doing something you should be doing and being prepared!! I am grateful for that experiance, because I have been slow to do my food storage, but having such a wonderful feeling will help inspire me to do better.