Sunday, August 29, 2010

Primary President

K today I was officially called and set apart as the new Primary President. So I all I can say as of now is here we go!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good Old Potty Training

K so back in March Trip wanted to be potty trained. I didn't really want to do it, but had a feeling if I didn't he would lose interest and maybe not get it back until he was like 3 so I gave in. He is such a stinker. He picked up on it real fast and then decided he wants to be potty trained when it's convenient for him. So last week I decided I need to put my foot down. It's all or nothing bud! So every time he peed his pants he got a nice swift swat in the rear! Every time! No misses. Because he perfectly knows how to pee in the potty. So after a few days of that his laziness is fixed! I know I am a dork and not tackling this sooner. So finally I can go out in public and not worry about him peeing his pants when he gets distracted! Cooper was a piece of cake compared to this kid.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How does your garden grow?

The first thing we enjoyed from the garden.

Yummy Hubbard Squash!

Cooper helped me pick and snap the green beans. He loves it.

2 pumpkin plants (mainly 1 though)

The biggest pumpkin so far. It's going to be huge!

This is 1 squash plant. It has taken over the corn rows and started to head towards the pumpkins!

K so my first attempt at a garden this year has been not the best. But what did survive poor watering and weed overtake has turned out pretty good. I am excited for next year and all the changes I am going to do. A better watering system, cool weed control tricks, and planting closer. But what did survive is producing wonderfully. We are going to have some awesome pumpkins, tons of squash,a few cucumbers, a nice head of leaf lettuce we have already enjoyed and it keeps comin, we've already had some good green beans and lot more to come, and we are going to try the corn this weekend.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Perrins Family Reunion

A Couple weeks ago we had my family reunion. It was so much fun. I don't realize how much I miss my family until I see them. The reunion was too short. For our reunion this year my sister Lea Ann and brother Nathan were in charge. They booked us 3 cabins that all 70+ of us stayed in Island Park, ID by Yellowstone. They had a survivor theme where we were broke up into 9 teams and every night before dinner had competitions, which were hilarous. During the day we were free to do whatever our own families wanted to do. Two of the days we drove through the park taking in the sites. But after a total of 4 days in the car (two to drive up there, two in the park) the kids needed a break from the car so we went to bear world for the day. The kids loved it. First you drive through this wildlife area where bears and other animals are roaming and even come up to your car. Then there was a petting zoo which was a fenced area where all sorts of animals roamed around and you could go up to any of them . Then they spent the rest of the day going on all these kiddie rides over and over. Then the last day we just hung around the cabins fishing and swimming. Every night after the kids went to bed we would sneak to the other cabins and play games as adults until midnight or 1 every night. Then finally on our way home went back through Yellowstone and drove out to go through Grand Tetons national park. The Tetons were gorgeous. I always love my family reunions. They are a nice blend of a fun family vacation and a reunion, two things I don't get much of, spending time with Tyrel and spending time with my family. Can't wait to see what my brothers decide to do next reunion.