Friday, November 21, 2008

My Poor Husband

So Tyrel has had a rough couple of weeks. I will try to break this down as best as I can. He has been working and driving all over Colorado and Wyoming and Arizona for the last two weeks. Some times I list might be longer than you think because some have been in snow and he drives a semi-service truck.

Monday-Drive to Denver from Flagstaff -15hours
Tuesday- Drive to Vernal, Ut from Dever- 6hours
Wednesday- Fix Drill in Vernal,Ut
Thursday- While driving back to denver called to change route to Durango,co- 7hrs
Friday- Work than drive home to flagstaff -6hrs
Monday-Drive back to Durango -6hrs
Wednesday-Work until 4 and then drive to Denver - 6 or 7 hrs
Thursday- Work until 4:30 then drive part way to some town by Jackson Hole, WY -4hr
Friday- Finish driving to some town by jackson hole, 4 more hours, fix drill and then turn arond and go half way back to denver -4hrs
Saturday-He will finish going to denver 4 hours

First of all we are extremely blessed for Tyrel to have such a great job, especially when there are so many people without work. But seriously I feel so bad for all the traveling he has had to do lately. He won't be home this weekend because he is still in Wyoming as we speak and doesn't really want to drive 20hrs to get home late sat and turn around monday and go back 15hr back to denver and then come home wed for thanksgiving. So he will just hang out in denver this weekend. I am so grateful for my husband who works so hard and I know there are many of men out there who would have probably quit there job by now. He works so hard for this family and feel extremely blessed to have such a hard working husband. hopefully his company will figure out someday where exactly they want him and stop shipping him everywhere. So even though he doesn't really read this, thank you to a wondeful husband who we miss very very much!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

While Dad's Away the Kids Will Play!

If you haven't figured it out I have gone back to private. Right after I went to public I got some random comment from some random person on my blog. Didn't really care for that so back to private!

Trip loves to play with his feet. It's kind of hard to get him dressed or change his diaper because he just wants to hold his feet!!

Last night after Cooper's bath before I could get his pajamas on he ran around in his pull up and put on his boots. Wrong feet of course,but still cute!!

This last weekend I got a chest freezer and I think Cooper was more excited than I was because he got to play in the box and have fun pretending it was a car and coloring all over it!

Just a little fun outside on Sunday while dad was taking a nap!

Trip cheezing it up for the camera!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I don't think so!!

K so I have caught Trip up on all fours rocking the last few days!! I am not any where close to wanting this kid to crawl. He is only 5 mo. When I told Tyrel he said he has seen Trip like that a few times in his crib. I am not ready for a mobile baby. When I saw him do this my first thought was I don't think so, then my next thought was should I push him down!!! JK I would never do that! Cooper didn't crawl until like 9 1/2 months. Plus he is way to little to be crawling. I know this rocking thing could go on for months, but it did make me realize that he will be mobile sooner than I know it. Plus I enjoy letting him play on the floor and leaving the room and coming back and he is pretty much in the same spot except for the little bit of rolling around he does.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Exploding Photo Boxes

So I started this fun new project with my friend Annette. I am still perfecting them ,but they are a lot of fun and really really easy!!! They hold about 20 pictures, but on the larger one I probably could have done another layer which would have held 8 more pictures!

As some have asked they are made from 12x12 cardstock and cute fun paper. I found some instructions on a supersaturday website that explained how to make them. What do you think?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Snow Fall

Well we had our first snow fall!! On Sunday night we got a nice little bit of snow. Of course Monday was sunny so it melted it all away, but first thing Monday morning everything looked so pretty. I hate cold, but if it has to be cold I like snow on the ground and the roads perfectly clear!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Well today is Tyrel's Birthday. Didn't do much for him today, because I couldn't get a babysitter. Then I went to make no-bake cookies (his favorite) for his birthday while he took a nap and oops I am out of butter. And I also accidently agreed to babysit some kids for a few hours too!! So all in all I kind of blew his birthday, but don't worry I am not a totally awful wife we have plans tomorrow to celebrate!!! So Happy Birthday Tyrel, Love ya!! (not that he'll read this)

Bath Time

Well I finally realized I hadn't taken a picture of Trip and Cooper taking a bath. I mean what kid doesn't have a picture of them taking a bath. Well life is good. Cooper cracks us up everyday. I even started a little book of funny things he's says because I always crack up and then can't remember a day later to tell someone. He is very into counting right now. He loves to count to 10. He is slowly learning his letters and their sounds. He is only up to D, but hey for a kid that doesn't even talk sentences yet I am proud!! Trip is becoming a better baby with every day. He doesn't scream in the car anymore unless he's starving. He doesn't need to be rocked to sleep. He is finally on somewhat of a schedule if I don't screw it up and in bed by 7-7:30pm. He is a happy baby and smiles at everyone. Life is so great right now. We do miss Tyrel as usual, but still have a wonderful life. Tyrel is doing well too. Misses home,but grateful to have a job and work for a company that values him so much. I am doing well also and count my blessings every day!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trunk or Treat

The boys had a blast at the trunk or treat. Tyrel and Cooper went around from car to car. The whole way there and the whole way home Cooper said "trick or treat" non stop and Tyrel said once he went up to each car he would just hold his bucket up and not say a word!! I was so bummed, because he says it so cute! While they were walking around Trip and I handed out Candy. For some reason our car was a huge hit! All I did was tape up orange and purple halloween lights and hung cob webs from the tailgate. I have a converter that I can use to plug in lights into my cigarete lighter. Then when we came home we had some trick or treaters come to the door so Cooper and Tyrel watched Mickey Mouse's Halloween and waited for the kids to come to the door to hand out candy. all in all Cooper loved Halloween!! It was so fun this year to have a kid old enough to get some fun out a holiday!


For Halloween as you can tell Tyrel and Cooper were hunters and Trip was their buck!! I tried to get better pictures, but Cooper was ready to go to the trunk or treat and kept throwing a fit to go to the car and then for the pictures I got I forgot to have the flash on. So these are as good as I got!!