Saturday, December 11, 2010

Catch up!

I took this picture the other day because Peyton was so sick and it was so sad! She was running a fever and throwing up and I had to put her down for a second and instead of crying she just tried to crawl to me and after a few step just layed on the floor!! I know I am a mean mom for stopping to take a picture, but it was so sad!!

At Thanksgiving Cooper came into my sister's house and said hey mom watch me ride a two wheel bike and sure enough he taught himself how to ride a two wheeler!! One less thing for me do! Now he's cruisin.

Well I thought I would do a few posts to catch up before Christmas starts. November to now has been busy!! So enjoy and I will post again after the craziness of Christmas is over!!

My Grandpa's Funeral

Our awesome gingerbread house!!

My Aunt Pam. My mom's youngest sister.

Me and my amazing sisters.

Seth and Kathy's boy Colton. He is so cute, mainly because he liked me. He even got me confused with his own mom a couple times!! Him and Peyton had so much fun together.

So after I got back from Arizona I had to regroup and takes my kids to my mother-in-law's so I could catch a plane with Peyton to my Grandpa's funeral in Seattle. My grandpa was 90 years old and spent the last couple years of his life living next door to my mom. The funeral was nice and it was nice to see family. Sadly I don't have any recent pictures of him. He was pretty much the only grandparent I ever knew. We had 9 or my 10 siblings there. I got to stay at my brother Seth's house and had a blast. His wife Kathy is a lot of fun. We had a blast playing games and visiting. My sister Lea Ann, Adam, and I also got to participate in their annual Gingerbread House Making Contest. We even got second place, which is great considering Seth kept pushing me to prepare and plan. The picture here doesn't do it justice. We did the three little pigs. The house of sticks and straw are both blown down with the pigs burried in the rubble. The whole scene is complete with mailboxes, cul-de-sac, garden, sheep, a wolf stuck in the mud and other various details. It was a lot of fun. Thanks Seth and Kathy for a fun weekend!!


For Thanksgiving it was our year to head to Arizona. We had it at my sister Sarah's house with her kids, my sister Lea Ann and brother Adam and their families. Total I think there are 8 adults and 16kids. We had a blast playing games, watching football, hiking rocks, bowling, and eating yummy food!! Cooper and Trip had a ball playing with cousins they crashed every night at bedtime!!

Friday, December 10, 2010


So for Tyrel's birthday I surprised him with hunting stuff. I had a lot of fun going out with him for the first time and even though we hiked all day it was a lot nicer than hearing the word "mom" all day so for that reason alone I see myself be an avid hunter all my days!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Family Picture Time

I actually enjoy family picture time. Especially since the one hanging in our living room doesn't even have Peyton in it. My sister Sarah took our family pictures and I think they turned out great. There aren't even any touch-ups done to them, just my sister's pure talent!! I also have Thanksgiving pictures to post, but my sister took them or I stole her camera and took them, so once I get those I will post more!!