Sunday, June 20, 2010

Joys of Parenthood!!

K so I thought I would never read a parenting book. I had a friend tell me about one so I thought sure I'll read it why not. So I starting reading it last Sunday and starting trying out what it said on Monday and since then I have not yelled at my kids once (amazing right?) and Trip had fewer tantrums all week then he usually has in one day!! Cooper and I don't yell at each other!! There are some things in it that I don't agree with or don't quite understand, but for the most part a lot of it just makes sense!! I am not ready to tell you the book yet, because it's only been a week and we'll see over time if it really works or if I can continue to follow it's guidelines. But if anything I am a lot happier and Tyrel said he definitely noticed a difference in the kids behavior during the weekend!! All I know is all week I did not feel stressed or overwhelmed or frustrated with my kids. They still have their fits and are still kids, but everything is done in a lot more calming and rational way!! The book also came to me at a perfect time when I was feeling really frustrated with myself and how I react to my children when they disobey, so thank you thank you!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Recent Endeavors

Well Memorial weekend our family spent the weekend putting in a garden. The garden spot left here is 36x50 feet. It's huge. We just decided to do about 14 rows. It was a lot of fun to do even though we have no idea what we are doing. So lets cross our fingers and see what happens.

We have been needing to dig a pit for our trampoline but Tyrel's time is so limited. Plus I am too cheap to rent equipment when I can do it myself for free. So I spent some long hours digging the hole with a good old fashion shovel. I got about 10feet wide and the 2'6" down pretty much by myself and the center needs to be 3' deep. I did have a kid come for one day for about 2 1/2hr and dig with me but then he had to go. So here are pictures of what I did, about 6-8" down is what I had help with. It was fun, but I am sore!! I will get more pictures later of what Tyrel and two other boys did on Saturday for about 3 hours. I didn't tell Tyrel I was doing this, when he got home he was way impressed and thought I was nuts, but then at the same time felt bad that I had done it myself. Of course I felt bad that when the boys were all digging on Saturday it was 92 degrees. It was in the 80's when I did it!


Trip turned 2 last Sunday. We didn't do too much. We just had dinner outside and had cake. I didn't really plan anything, but Tyrel's mom was so sweet and drove all the way over to eat dinner, have cake, and open up presents with us. I am glad his cake turned out. I knew the true test would be if he saw the cake and said "Mater" than Iknew I did a good enough job and lucky enough he did!! As you can see too from some of the pictures the boys got into the cake before cake time!! Happy Birthday Trip you are great kid!!