Sunday, September 19, 2010

What we've been up to!!

My 1st canning project. I didn't really plan on canning this year. I have just been freezing corn and green bean ,but I went out to the garden and came in with 24 cucumbers. Both of my neighbors hates cucumbers and Cooper and I like them, but not that much! So since they were too pick for your normal pickling cucumbers I just sliced them up in hamburger pickles slices. So we'll see in 4-6 weeks if they taste good or not!!

One of our two new additions to our family is my new horse Snicker. We got her from Tyrel's dad. So I am now the proud owner of a horse. Who would have thought!! I have rode her once and so far I like her!!

Here is our other new addition, Sancho. While I was in Denver a month ago our friends were giving away puppies. So since we had been recently give a nice insulated dog house and a 10'x6' runner kennel why not right? So far he is a really good puppy. He is not that hyper and listens pretty well. He is a English setter, blue heeler mix.

Other news is Cooper started soccer a few weeks ago. He LOVES it. He hustles and while I coach and yell at him from the sides lines pushing him to be better, some parents have expressed how impressed they are with his grasp of the game for being 4 and never played before. So not knowing anything about soccer that was nice to hear. I really think he may be one of the two youngest on the team. So far he scores about 2-3 goals a game.

Here is just a cute pictures of Peyton hanging out during one of Cooper's games. She is just about crawling. She rocks on all fours and take a few crawling steps here and there, even though she can pretty much get where she wants to already.

Now we are headed into a week with Tyrel home all week. We have many projects on our list we want to get done before winter!!