Tuesday, January 20, 2015

We love our horses!!

It has been so nice having Tyrel around more often to help the kids with their horses.  This last summer Trip went into the mountains with Tyrel and his uncles to set up some hunting camps and rode this horse Rusty.  He controlled him really well and was had fun riding him in the mountains all by himself.  So a few weeks later his uncle was bringing us some hay and brought over Rusty for him to have!  Trip was thrilled.  Rusty hadn't had a lot of attention in a while and was hard to catch, but since Trip has had him and spent time with him, he is very friendly and will come up to anyone at the fence now.  It was so fun to see Trip take to horses so much. All my kids loves horses and Rowdy cries each time he has to get off, but Trip had a closer connection with his horse than anyone else!

Sadie Comes for the Summer

Since we decided to have a 5th child we knew I was going to need help. So after the reunion we brought home with us Sadie!!  She willingly gave up her summer to help try to keep me off my feet which is no easy task.  She spent her time helping me with dishes, entertaining kids, cleaning my house, and hanging out. I kept wanting to do things to entertain her but then kept having to remind myself that I couldn't do anything!  At least I got to take her school shopping before the real bed rest hit!!  It was fun to get to know Sadie since she was 7 when I moved away from Washington. These are just some pictures of things we got to do with her to give her the Colorado experiance

Cooper Get's Baptized

My first child to turn 8!!  He only got baptized a month after he turned 8 but I swear it was rescheduled about 3 times. Between wedding, reunion, all-star baseball, and a wedding open house we finally found a day all to himself that he could get baptized.  It was a wonderful day of family and friends.  Cooper was so excited to get baptized and took it very seriously.  He said after he was baptized and getting dressed again his eyes watered a little bit as he felt the spirit.  Makes me so proud that he understood the basics of what he did and still tries his hard to choose the right.  He bore his testimony the other day and started crying saying that when Ryder cries while I am trying to make dinner it's really hard to want to hold him to help out, but when he does he feels the Holy Ghost and helps bring it into the house!! So proud of him and blessed to have him in our family.  I even had strep throat a couple months ago and was super sick running a high fever of 103.3 and everytime I need help he hopped right up to do it.  He even got everyone their dinner even if it was cereal!!  He never once complained about having to do something for him in the 3 days I was sick.

Perrins Reunion 2014

Cooper turns 8 and Sackett gets married

Cooper's 8th birthday was kind of a whirlwind.  We headed out Friday before Cooper's birthday to drive to Sackett's wedding and then head up to Washington to the Perrins Family Reunion.  So during all the wedding festivities I ran to Walmart and bought Cooper a cake and then we went across the street from the hotel to a park and sang happy birthday and ate cake.  Cooper is a wonderful kid who I can't believe is 8.  He is a great big brother.  He is very caring and sensitive to other peoples needs. He is tall, athletic and super competitive. Being competitive is a blessing and a curse.  It's great to make him work hard in school and sports, but I draw the line at having to be first to brush his teeth, get to the door first, get dressed first, him and Trip are going to drive me nuts!!  He is always so willing to make sure I am taken care of. Rowdy loves him and runs and gives him a big hug when he gets home from school.  He is a great example for being an older brother. 

BMX 2014

Well Trip found a new love this last spring and her name is BMX!! Trip has been riding a 2 wheeler since the age of 3 and to tell you the truth scares me when I watch him. He has no fear and one speed only "fast".  So this spring we decided to let him try BMX.  I was so unsure how he would like it. Or if he wrecked once would he hate it.  Well he surprised me.  We first made him try it out on just his regular 16" wheel bike. We told him if he liked it we would look into an actual 20" wheel BMX bike.  Well with his smaller wheel base he was either winning or hanging in there at 2nd or 3rd with his little tires and was loving every minute of it.  So Tyrel fixed up a BMX bike that someone from his work sold him.  Getting him on that bike he soared.  I was also impressed with his ability to get right back up if he wrecked or messed up or just plain tired in the super hot summer weather.  There was one race where a kid that had never beat him did after Trip had a really bad start.  He came up to me after and had this look of competitiveness and he made sure that kid would not beat him again. I love how sports teach my kids to work hard to win, it's ok if you lose, and work hard to obtain the goals you are wanting to reach.  It also toughened Trip up.  He didn't let a few falls keep him from getting right back out there!! Too bad he can never be super competitive in this sport because the surrounding tracks race a lot on Sundays and to be contemplative you have to earn points in your races and he misses too many.