Sunday, May 22, 2016

Peyton turns 5

My sweet little girl turned 5!  I think her favorite birthday idea for the rest of her life will be to have a girls day.  We headed to Durango with a couple friends where we went to lunch and then did some shopping.  It was a fun day and the girls had a blast! Of course the movie Frozen was huge at the time so of course we had to do a frozen cake!!

Christmas 2014

For Christmas even and day we spent it at home in Cortez Colorado. We started our tradition of participating in the Live Nativity on Christmas eve.  For some reason I can't find any Christmas day pictures, so hopefully that changes.  Then we headed to Arizona for after Christmas and New Years. We had a huge group of family since Lanith and her crew came down for Christmas also.  It was fun to have four siblings together.  The top picture was our Christmas card for the year.

A Suprise ride home!

I forgot to add this picture.  When I went into labor with Ryder the boys were planning on going home with our dear friend Valorie Mortensen who was also the secretary of the school.  We got a picture on my phone of their surprise ride home from school with David Mortensen.  They thought it was pretty cool!!


Trip was such a trooper getting his tonsils out. He thought everything was pretty cool. He even let them put the IV in while he was awake.  I guess most kids they wait until they are asleep.  His recovery was ok, about 4 or 5 days later he had some rough nights for a week or so, but bounced back after that!

Picture with Santa

Amazingly we got a photo with Santa with no tears!! The kids school had Santa come visit. I just had to document the smiles on their faces.  A new one for my kiddos!!

Rowdy turns 2!!

Poor little guys birthday is usually Thanksgiving weekend, so yes he is usually around more family for his birthday, but it's a crazy rush weekend where we happend to squeeze in a cake and sing happy birthday!! Love this little guy! We is such a sweet 2 year old which is saying a lot considering he is 2! But he is shy and the most mellow 2 year old I have had.  He is happy to be doing whatever we are doing. Very go with the flow and loves being dad's shadow.

Family Pictures November 2014

Nothing says perfect family photo time than about a month after having a new baby!!  Oh well I have 5 kids to help cover me up!!  Here Cooper is 8 yrs, Trip 6, Peyton 4, Rowdy 2, and Ryder about 7 weeks old.   We took these photo's at Tyrel's parents house.  One of my favorite place to take pictures.

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving was spent in Pagosa Springs.  We had a weekend full of yummy food, turkey bowl football, family, and Christmas tree hunting. 

New baby bug

Nothing beats a new baby in the house and all the adorable pictures you get of siblings wanting to hold them!  We also took this kids photo as Ryder's baby announcement.  4 boys!! Peyton has her hands full!!

Halloween 2014

Cooper planned his costume out himself.  He wanted to be a toilet so we made him a toilet.  He trick or treated with the toilet as his candy collector.  For some reason I cannot find a picture but Rowdy was a Hershey bar, Ryder we wrapped up in white blankets and Tyrel and I wore cardboard that looked like graham crackers.  Adorable idea right?!!  It doesn't work that well actually when you are split up most the night chasing different kids. But its the thought that counts right? 

Ryder Colt Ross Baby #5!

 I actually had to take a picture with this nurse.  She was the nurse who check me in and then when she came back in the morning and saw that I hadn't had my baby yet she cranked up my potossin and was an awesome coach.  She was pretty much yelling at me to push. Which is what I need. I didn't need anyone coddling me or sweet talking, she just told me how it was and helped me do it!!

Our first family photo of our larger family of 7!!

 RYDER COLT ROSS. BORN OCTOBER 5TH, 2014 AT 10:18AM 6IB 13OZ, 19IN LONG, DURANGO COLORADO HOSPITAL.  Ryder was a tough one to get her safely, but with the help of the whole family, he made it!!  Contractions with Ryder started at 17 weeks!  Not fun.  So when we went up for my family reunion the first week of July we brought back my niece Sadie.  With her help and of course Tyrel's and the kids I kept my life pretty simple.  I was even lucky enough to be released as Primary President just shy of 4 years.  So starting in July I started attending just Sacrament and then in August I would go sit on the couch and take the sacrament and then head home.  If I stayed any longer than that it took me two days to get my contractions under control.  So from I think about 27 or 28 weeks on I only left the house to go to my doctor appointments.  For this kid they started giving me progesterone shots at 16 weeks once a week.  They said they had seen miraculous results and seen it help women way more than they said they hadn't. So every week I drove the hour drive to the doctor to get my shot.  After Sadie left on a Sunday I was in the hospital by that Wednesday needing the doctors to stop my contractions at 30weeks.  So from then on I was really good and layed down as much as possible.  This bed rest was easier to do in the sense that Cooper and Trip helped out a lot.  They would be able to feed the horses and dog. Get stuff for Rowdy.  Then when I hit 36 weeks I went in for a Dr. Appt and was at a 4 so they observed me for a little while, but since I knew I wasn't in real labor I asked to go home. So as always when I am released from bed rest, I go home and deep clean my house, but lets be serious, it hasn't been done for weeks! So after I clean clean clean, we ran to Walmart to get a few things then headed back into the Dr like at 10 at night. Things aren't progressing as fast as I would like, so the doctor broke my water and then everything stopped. I actually remember feeling a hundred times better when she broke my water. My whole body relaxed. I had actually said no epidural this time, because we assumed it's been that in the past that slows everything down. So I just wanted to be done being pregnant and tired of contractions for the last 6 months. Of course when breaking my water stopped everything, my doctor looked at me like I was crazy. She couldn't believe the shots didn't help my early labor and now couldn't believe breaking my water didn't speed things up.  So all night long I slept and relaxed and the nurse kept meaning to up my potosin, but they got busy, so I just slept.  Then when the morning nurse came in and saw that I was still there with no baby, she started cranking the potosin up.  I also started to learn that if I stood straight up my contractions would increase in frequency (and pain), so I stayed standing. It was painful, but worked.  Just as the nurse left to get me something for the pain the baby was ready to come. I started pushing at a contraction and just kept pushing with no breaks through another and he was out.  Having a baby natural was an experience and I was fine doing it, but I am pro either way. An epidural is a nice and calm experience, and no epidural was painful, but do-able.  But my recovery was the same and with an epidural its nice to not feel the pain when they start pushing down on your stomach.