Monday, April 14, 2008

Fun Weekend!

This weekend Tyrel's brother Coy came for the weekend. Cooper, Tyrel, and Coy had a blast hanging out. Just the boys!! Coy and Tyrel got Cooper a little Turtle Sandbox and he has loved it. He loved dirt and rocks! I can't wait to live somewhere long enough to make a big one, but this will have to do for now. Tyrel and Coy also took Cooper to the park. Cooper had a blast with Coy. Everytime he couldn't find Coy he would say "Cu Gone" and would sit right next to him on the couch whenever we were watching tv. As for me things are going very well. As long as I rest a lot and only get up here and there the contractions won't come more than 1 or 2 an hour. I am 30 weeks now!! I can't believe it's already a month since this whole mess started. But we are very blessed that this baby is not wanting to rush into this world too quickly!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Catch UP!!

Well I am finally back home in Flagstaff. The doctor's in Phoenix on Monday released me to come back home!! It feels so good to be home. Cooper and I are just taking today to enjoy being home. More than me Cooper needs to just take a break. He has been playing with cousins for two weeks!! The doctor gave me clearance to take care of Cooper myself just to take it easy, but I do have to go to my doctor here tomorrow so they can give me specific instructions because they are big believers in high elevation contributing to preterm labor. So far the contractions are not doing anything to my body so as long as I take it easy I think it will be good!! Before all this I would ignore the contractions, so now I just need to lay down as soon as they start up again, not wait until they are 3min apart before I listen to them. I still have one or two an hour especially if I am up walking around.

Also I do have Easter pictures of Cooper going on an Easter Egg hunt with my sister and Tyrel. My sister took those pictures so I will post them as soon as I get them. No cute Sunday pictures though. I had just got out of the hospital and didn't go to Church and Cooper had pink eye so Tyrel stayed home with him too!!

Well I thought I would post a couple pictures that I have been wanting to for a while. These pictures are from the Phoenix Sports show that Tyrel's family came down for to set up their booth for their Outfitting business. It was so cute when Cooper when standing on the table I started singing shake your booty and he gave us a good dance shakin his booty!!

Here is just a fun day of playing with Play Dough!!