Monday, June 29, 2009

Cooper is the Big 3!!!

Sunday was Cooper's birthday. We were supposed to go camping, but Tyrel had some hang-ups at work, so we threw together at the last minute a fun birthday weekend. On Saturday we went to Pirates Cover which was an aquatic center. Cooper had a blast. It was perfect for him. It had a huge toddler area. It had this huge pirate ship like structure with two little slide and objects that sprayed water. It was a shallow zero depth entry pool and Cooper played non-stop. We are there for 3 hours and he could have kept going. There was also a lazy river that he went on and we took Trip on it in his floaty. My friend Tara and her younger sister Sophie came also. Then after that there was a community park next door that had a little train the took you around over a bridge and threw a tunnel. I only have a picture of him waiting because my camera died after that. When we got home both boys were exhuasted. Cooper helped me mix his cake and after he went to bed I decorated it. On Sunday his actual birthday after his nap he got to open presents so he could enjoy his train track before Trip woke up and started demolition. Then that night we had our friends the Torres', (Carrie, Trevon, and Jayden) over for birthday cake and ice cream. All and all I would say it was a fun birthday and Cooper had a blast.

Father's Day

Well I am finally getting father's day posts up. For father's day the boys and I made stepping stones since we are trying to a buy a house this year. Trip's hand print is hilarious. His fingers are super deep because he just wanted to grab the cement mix. Cooper loved putting on all the buttons that we themed sports, construction equipment, and hunting. All afternoon before Tyrel came home from work to see them, Cooper kept coming up to me and saying daddy is going to be so happy. He is going to love it! And of course Tyrel loved them! Now we will have our first personal touch to the new home we buy.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Random Pictures

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Camping at Buena Vista

Trip chillin in Cooper's chair

Cooper loved these roasters so much he put his strawberry on them

Cooper thought roasting hot dogs was the best, he even roasted and ate 3 and wanted more, but we stopped him so he wouldn't get sick. I guess three hikes makes you hungry

The boys!!

Cooper helping dad with dinner

Our camp

More of our camp

Gathering fire wood

Memory while Trip takes a nap

Trip and Dad being silly

Cooper relaxing enjoying his lunch!

Cooper haulin dirt from his loader to his dump trucks

Trip and Dad at the top of the hill we hiked. It was so pretty

Cooper loved to cimb up anything and everything he could

The boys were so excited when they first got in the tent they were laughing and climbing everywhere!!

This last weekend Tyrel and I packed the kids up and went camping. We left on Friday and headed towards Buena Vista. We found a county road and a nice camping spot. Tyrel wanted to go to Bueana Vista because he wanted to check the area out for hunting this fall. We spent all Saturday taking hikes, exploring the area, playing trucks, baseball, frisbee, and memory. The only downfall is that is was so cold at night. Both boys ended up in our sleeping bag to stay warm. We zipped two sleeping bags together and there was enough room for all four of us, even though it wasn't too comfortable, but the boys stayed warm so that was good. On Sunday morning it was so cold there was frost on the windows!! We were going to go to church in Bueana vista, but by the time we got up on Sunday we decided we had plenty of time to pack and eat breakfast and get back home for 1pm church.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Trip and Cooper's Pictures

As I mentioned earlier Tyrel's cousin started a photography business. I posted her link below again, because she used my two boys for subjects for her photography blog. Cooper's pictures are under the title Sunday and Trips are under the title Mr. T. I thought they turned out so cute!!! She did an awesome job!! I can't figure out to add the link below where you can click on it. So you can copy and paste it or scroll down to my cool links and her website is under there too.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trip Update

K so this will probably be boring for all, but I just need to jot down some of Trip's milestones that way when I get to Trip's 1st birthday in my scrapbook I will remember what to write down.

Words he says:

Nite Nite- ni ni
Bye bye - ye ye
bottle - da da intead of ba ba
Da Da - da da
ma ma- well it was his 1st word at about 9mo, but has refused to say it since. He smiles and says da da when you ask him to say ma ma.

Waves bye and hi.
Claps his hands.
Love to chase Cooper around.
Smiles and bolts to dad when he's home.
One of the easiest babies, just plays on the floor, content and happy unless tired or hungry.

Weighs: 21.5Ib- I think, that is on my scale

Shout out to Haley

My awesome friend and cousin Haley is starting her own photography business and she lives in Highlands Ranch,CO. I know I don't have too many friends blogs from Colorado, but I am getting more as I meet some awesome people up here. Check out her sight to see what an awesome photographer she is!!