Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother-Daughter Weekend!!

I got to be so lucky the last weekend in April to make a trip to Provo to meet up with my mom and sister's for our first ever mother-daughter trip. We decided to go to Womens Conference in Provo. We all crammed in a one hotel room where we gathered together with much "seriousness" on which classes we should attend, (in all truth after going through the list of classes we should have attended one on humility!!) If anyone knows us when we get together "seriousness" is not a word used to describe any conversation we have!! We did enjoy the classes we did attend. We also took two nights to do fun stuff. We went to a dinner theater and saw a spoof on Sherlock Holmes which was funny and probably way funnier with my sister's and then went to a improv comedy club the other night which was definitely funnier with my sister's. I love how with the right people almost anything can be funny and funny things are funnier!! We also got to spoil my mom for Mother's day and get her a new wardrobe!! She looks amazing!! My sister Lanith put it well as I took her to the airport she said "I have been looking forward to this trip forever and now it's already over"! I agree. It was so great to just take a few days and be with my family who I rarely see. Of course I probably should have put a recorder in the car to catch the hilarious various conversations going on at the same time!! I love how we all talk so fast and can catch what the other is saying at the same time!! I am sure all sister's who are close have their own language that no outsider can understand!! Thank you to my mom and sister's for an amazing trip!!!


So most people got to post their pretty little kids in their Easter best!! Not Me! I get to post kids in pj's runny 103 degree fevers!! We dyed Easter eggs because Cooper begged even though he was running a 103 degree fever through it all, but didn't want to miss out. There wasn't an Easter egg hunt because they just wanted to lay on the couch and it was pouring rain outside. Peyton was already in bed for the easter egg dying and the only reason you see her in her Easter dress is because it was take the week after and as you can see she was not cooperative and I couldn't get the picture to flip either!! The Easter, bunny brought them news spring toys but it was too cold and they were too sick to enjoy them!! But through it all Tyrel spent Sunday home with them and watched the living scriptures DVD with them on the resurrection and talked with them about the true meaning of Easter. When I explained what resurrection meant and that we would all be resurrected some day and be together after we die he asked so that means we get to see Great Grandpa Pruitt again? It was so cute to see him understand it and that is really the only person he knows who has died.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ross Tournament

Another year has come and gone for the Ross basketball tournament. It was a fun weekend of basketball and family. My boys always have fun playing with cousins. Tyrel even got his eye split open. This picture isn't very good. I guess the really good black eye showed up while he was back up in Denver.