Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More of Washington!!

Before Tyrel had to fly home he was determined to help Cooper catch a fish. So finally he helped Cooper catch two sun fish! Cooper loved it! Since Tyrel has left my sister Lanith and 6 of her kids and my sister-in-law Kelli and her 4 kids have come. Cooper and Trip are having a blast with their cousins. Cooper will swim out with his innertube to the doc if there are other kids swimming and play on the doc with them. He has swam to shore with just his life jacket a coupls of times. He is exhausted from playing in the sun and following his cousins around. I am so grateful that he has had a chance to get to know so many cousins. Trip has everyone wrapped around their fingers. He just grins at everyone and they give him whatever he wants. I am having fun with my mom and sisters even though we are all sun drained and I am drained from my Kelli dragging me on a 3mi jog this morning!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Washington So Far!!!

Saturday: Loaded up at left Denver at 7:30am
Stopped and visited Tyrel's Grandma in Spanish Fork
Visited my brother Derrick and his family in Orem, UT
Visited my brother Grant and his family in Orem, UT
Met up with my sister and her family on their way to Arizona from being
at my mom's
Got to Burley, ID at 10:30pm to our hotel
Sunday: Left at 8am
Got to Ephrata at 3:30 for my nephew's mission farewell open house
Drove another 1 /2 hours to my mom and dad's
Monday: Cooper and Tyrel went fishing a couple times
Swam on the beach
Trip has no fear and keeps running in the water
Cooper goes tubing behind the boat with mom without crying!!
Tueday: My BIRTHDAY!!
My brother and his family come up
Tyrel swallows half the lake tubing!!
Cooper jumps off the dock in the deep end
Coopers loves hanging out with his cousins, especially Chase!
Have Birthday cake
Wednesday: Drive to Moses Lake and Ephrata and visit several friends and family
My niece Cassidi her husband and two kids shows up
Thursday: Tyrel goes Wakeboarding for the 1st time in 5 years
I actually went wakeboarding and popped right up
Tyrel and I went tubing together
Cooper had a blast with his cousin's Chezney and Dixie
Tyrel and I went on a date to the Steam Plant Grill, walked around Riverfront Park, and rode the gandola for my birthday

Friday: Just a relaxing day!

We are having a blast and can't are bummed Tyrel has to leave Sunday. I have another week though with more family and Cooper gets to see more cousins!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cooper Update

So I posted about Cooper's Birthday, but forgot to just tell about him for my future scrapbooking info! Cooper turned 3 on June 28th. He is just a fun kid. He is full of energy and goes non-stop, but overall he is a really good kid. He is all boy, loves to wrestle his dad and Trip. For the most part he obeys really well, except when he is overly excited it takes a little to get him to focus. He is really smart even though he has a hard time verbalizing it. He can point to his letters and tell you that sound if you ask him. He loves all his primary songs and singing. He loves family home evening and will ask for it on other nights (even though I think it's just a ploy to get out of going to bed!) He has always been a great sleeper and still takes 2hr naps. He is overall a really healthy kids and seems to have his dad's immune system. He has never been a fan of tv, but recently he started to actually sit for a whole show. He loves to build and put his blocks and cars in patterns and loves trains. He will help pick up toys, loves to help set the table, and put dishes away. He loves his dad and loves to do things with just him and his dad. He loves to go swimming and would swim every day if he could. One of his favorite places is Tyrel's parent's house. He will play non-stop there helping grandma with her chores, irrigating with Grandpa, feeding the ponies, playing with his uncles, and running free on their ranch. When we are passing by he begs grandma to stay the night. He loves to playi with kids. He will makes friends with any kid anywhere. He has turned into such a big helper and will take care of his little brother if I ask. Oh and he talks a lot!! (He must get that from his dad, right?!!!haha) Well that is enough for now I guess. I know that is a lot, I am just trying to think of everything he does.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The 4th of July!!

4th of July Weekend was a lot of fun!! It started off Friday night with the Rodeo and Cooper loved "buckin broncos" Then Saturday morning we headed off to the church for the boyscouts breakfast and then the Parade and enjoyed visiting and watching the parade go buy. We then went back for naps and a bbq lunch. During naps Tyrel got to go play basketball with his brother's and his friends. Then we took Cooper to the carnival which he loved. He hopped and skipped from each ride and had a huge grin on his face the whole time. None of the rides scared him. On the ponies he kept saying "yee haw, ride 'em cowboy" Trip loved the ponies too. Then after fun in the sun we sat down and had snow cones. Cooper loved snowcones. He ate every last drop and didn't make a mess, except for his face. We then hung out and got ready for fireworks. I didn't get any pictures of fireworks because Trip was out on me before they even started. They were pretty impressive. Then after the fireworks Cord and Spur built a bonfire. We then got some sleep. We all had a blast and were grateful to celebrate our country's independance!!