Monday, July 28, 2008

The Perrins Family Reunion!!

So this past week Mon-Sat we went to the Zion Mountain Ranch in Utah for my family reuinion. The reunion was all 10 of my siblings, their families, and my parents There were 68 of us. 24 adults and 38 grandkids. We all had our own cabins that were so nice. We all checked in monday. Tuesday we hiked around Zions Nation Park. Wednesday went to Bryce Canyon. Thursday everyone did stuff here and there. The kids and I rested all morning since Cooper ran a fever from Monday afternoon until late Wednesday night. While Cooper rested Tyrel went on a 2 hour 4-wheel drive with 2 of my brother in laws and then that afternoon we play at the neighboring ranch on the slip in slide. Then Friday we went back to Zion's and hiked The Narrows and did family pictures which will soon come. Then Saturday packed up and came home. We had so much fun. We were not ready to come back at all. There was still so much to do around there, plus having two kids limited us a little. We were still determined to pack them around as much as we could. It was so fun to see all of my family. We were missing two of my nieces and their spouses and 2kids. But we had a blast playing all day, having dinner together, and then playing cards until midnight everynight. The only thing that helped us come home was that Friday we leave for Alaska for 10 days with his family!!!

The Narrows

So this was my favorite hike of the week. Bryce canyon was amazingly beautiful, but to hike in 100 degree heat in the narrows was perfect. It was so fun we got to hike in this Canyon in and out of water. There were times where you had to walk through the water and times where there was a little bit of the shore. There were times I had to hold Trip up higher so he wouldn't get wet. I guess further up than we went there are times you are in the water chest deep and can touch both sides of the canyon wall at the same time. I had fun with people looking at me like I was crazy for packing a newborn through rocky river water, but trust me I was fine. I was very careful. If I didn't have a baby I wouldn't have been as careful, because it would have felt nice to go under water every once in a while. It was also very pretty. It was also fun because it was the only hike we went on where Cooper wasn't sick. I want to go back someday with Tyrel and do the whole 12 miles or so of it without kids. I wish the pictures really showed how awesome it was!!

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyone was so beautiful!! We were all in awe at how pretty it was. It was super hot, but it was worth hiking in all of it. Cooper was still running a fever on this hike too, but as you can see he is asleep with his blankie. We would normally not take it, but it helps when he doesn't feel well.

Random Photos

Random Photos

Here are some random photos of the week. On the way back from Bryce Canyon we stopped at this lake to let everyone swim. The view was beautiful. Then at the neighboring ranch they set up a 100ft slip n slide that we all had a blast on. Especially when I would start first and Tyrel would come right after and bump me to shoot me down it. There is also a couple of pictures of Tyrel, Cooper, and Trip after we did our family pictures. The other picture of just Tyrel is when he and two of my brother-in-laws went for a 2 hour four wheel ride on an old jeep trail. I pushed him to go on a slow day when I wanted Cooper to rest and hopefully keep his fever gone so I just hung out at the cabin to rest. He had a blast!

Emerald Pools

At Zion National Park we did the Emerald Pools hike. There are three different levels to hike to each having a pool of water. We made it to the 2nd one where you see Cooper playing in the water. The 3rd wasn't much longer, but we felt bad that Cooper was running a fever so we wanted to get back out of the heat for him.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Father like Son?

So what's the vote? Do we all agree that Trip looks like his dad? We think so. More than Cooper did. In real life Trip looks even more like his dad.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ross Grandkids

This isn't the best picture mainly because of Cooper, but here on the Ross grandkids from the 4th of July. Tyrel has always told me how big Cooper's head is and I didn't think it was that big until he just had his 2yr well check and his head is in the 95%!!! K so it is big!! His height is in the 90% and weight his 50%. I can't believe he is already 2!! It was fun to be able to see Jayton for the 1st time. Besides of course my own kids, he is sooo cute!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday Walk

Well yesterday we decided to go for a nice Sunday walk on this trail in the national forest really close to our house. Cooper loved it. He loved being in the woods and had fun jumping on stumps, throwing rocks, and picking wild flowers for mom. Trip had fun in the stroller and Tyrel and I enjoyed the nice cooler weather we have been having.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Fun!!!!

The Grand Resort

 We spent the weekend at the Arizona Grand Resort where Tyrel's work put us up for a night and it had a water park. Cooper of course had a blast in the water. Tyrel and I took turns swimming with Cooper and watching Trip. 

Birthday Time at Bounce U

For Cooper's 2nd birthday we went to Bounce U. One plus of living by my two sister's is Cooper gets to share his birthday party with 3 of his cousins.  They have their birthday's within 4 days of each other. It's always fun to party with family!

4th of July and Ross Reunion

For the 4th of July we went to Pagosa Springs and had the scout breakfast, went to the parade, rode some carnival ride, and watched fireworks. Cooper loved the parade waving at everyone as they went by and during fireworks he would say "gone" every time there was a pause and "more" shortly after that. Then the pictures of Cooper in the baby pool and the little parade is from Tyrel's Grandpa and Grandma Ross' reunion in Bayfield. There were little carnival games and yummy food. It was so great to see everyone, we were bummed we couldn't stay late for the dancing but kids were exhausted  from the hot sun all day!! It was great though!! Tyrel also won the arm wrestling championship! I'm so proud! 

Trip's Baby Blessing

 Then to round off the fun weekends was Trip's blessing. It was wonderful and were glad we could do it in Pagosa with family.