Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Sorry this a long post!! Christmas 2009 was great. We headed off to my sister Sarah's house in Arizona. There we had my other sister and her family, my brother and his family, and my parent's from Washington. Between the four families and my parents we had 12kids under the age of 9 and 10 adults. It was such a blast to see my family. Cooper is getting so big. He had a blast with his cousins and thanks to my sister's big house and warm Arizona weather I didn't see Cooper almost the whole time. He got along so well with them. Trip we learned is not a huge fan of lots of kids. He loved to play with a couple, but if he headed downstairs where the toys and kids where he would only last a couple minutes before coming back up with a toy to play upstairs. He kind of likes to do his own thing. Jane is Trip's age and she also spent most her time upstairs with Trip.It was so fun to spend 5 days with Tyrel. I got to see family, but at the same time had a blast with my small family. Tyrel is always so good with my boys and a great help and he would play with all the kids too when we weren't doing something as adults. All in all it was a great weekend of family, food, and games!!

On Christmas Eve all of my nieces and nephews and help from three of the dad's acted out the nativity as we have always done as a family. It was so cute to see all the kids act it out and that they are getting old enough to do it. As you can see from the picture of me and the two boys, my boys did not participate. Cooper refused to put on a costume and within minutes was passed out in my lap. Poor kid had been going non-stop for two days. Lucky Tyrel got to be the inn keeper. What a good sport to participate.

Christmas Eve night all the kids did a little craft.While they did the craft Trip rode the 4-wheeler which he wanted to do the whole time and Tyrel became the designated driver to all the kids. Next they all helped make cookies for Santa. Then they got a suprise that night where they got to open their Christmas jammies. We were able to get a family picture all in are pajamas.

Then on Christmas morning Tyrel and I looked at the clock and it was 7:20 and the house was still quiet. We couldn't believe it. All the kids were so burned out from playing so hard So we tried to get Cooper up and he said he wanted to sleep even after we told him Santa came. We then snuck him downstairs with the other kids who all slept down there so we got a picture of them all waiting to come upstairs. Cooper and Lauren (who is Cooper's age) were both so tired they just wanted to sleep. Well once we got upstairs Cooper started waking up and got excited. Trip loved opening the presents too.

Finally here are some pictures of the rest of Christmas day where the kids got to play and Tyrel and guys shot clay pigeons and later that day we went to Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. All the guys went to the Sherlock Holmes movie, except Tyrel who want to go with us to Alvin to spend time with me and Cooper (Trip we left with my mom!!). Later that night us girls went to Shirlock homes, but I fell asleep within the first 15min. I know I am lame because it seemed like a really good movie!! Then Saturday I did a little after Christmas shopping and we hung out. We came home Sunday and then got another Christmas because we left most of our presents home so we wouldn't lose pieces at my sisters.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Cooper cracks me up!!

Cooper has been coming up with the funniest things lately. I can't think of them all, but thought I would document a few of them.

Cooper walked in with a belt on his head and I asked what is that on your head for and Cooper said so my head won't fall off!! (I mean that makes sense right? It keeps your pants from falling off, so why not your head!! )

I was pulling out of a parking lot and I had to stop for a pedestrian and Cooper annoyingly says "Mom why are you stopping?" So I told him someone was walking by and he responds very annoyed again "Well they're not walking fast enough!!"

During the primary program Cooper gets up and does he part beautifully and then sits down and looks for Tyrel and loudly says "Dad I did it!"

Today I asked Cooper if he wanted hot dogs for dinner and he tells me we don't have any. Then I respond by saying yes we do I just bought some. Cooper walks over to the fridge opens it up and says see we don't have any. So I open the meat drawer and pull out the hot dogs and say " Well what is this then?" Cooper looks at it for a sec and says " Ummmmm those are fake hot dogs!

The other today I kept hearing him say the word poopy in the toy room. For some reason he thought it was funny to keep saying over and over to Trip. So I walked in and said Cooper could we not say poopy over and over like that. He looks at me and says "Okay then, drop a deuce!" (Thanks uncle Coy and uncle Spur)

Then I was getting ready to fluff up our big cuddle sac and Cooper says " Mom you can't do that. Daddy has to do that he is stronger and if you do it you will hurt the baby and have to go to the doctor!!" Well Tyrel told him to take care of me while he is gone!!

Cooper is growing up so fast!! He is acting more like a boy than a toddler every day!! What a great kid!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello Everyone

I am finally getting internet set up so hopefully I will have some better posts in the future. I haven't really cared about internet or tv since we moved in, but thanks to a new calling of Relief Society Secratary I will probably get that hooked up this week. Life has been great at our new house. This week we had a nice big snow storm. We haven't had time to get a snow plow so thanks to my hero Rusty Bower in our ward I was saved. Due to complications again in this pregnancy I was actually kind of nervous about being completely snowed in (of course the night I get snow in my contractions start to actually hurt for the first time,which has never happened unless I am in labor, but I only had a few so not to worry, just being stranded makes you think the worst). We got 18 in of snow, major snow drifts deeper than that, and a nice 3 foot burm of snow left at the end of our driveway from the lovely county snow plow guy. As I hauled in wood, fed the horse, and made a path out of the house pregnant and contracting I had pictures of all the pioneer books I have read lately of the pregnant women in my books and what they went through, and still felt I had it easy!! They were completely alone, at least I would be able to call an ambulance if need be even if I had to hike to the road. In my books they delivered babies on their own!! So I did make it through the night and am now safe and sound. Poor Tyrel felt so bad that he wasn't here to help, but is making the proper arrangements so it doesn't happen again. But there are plenty of neighbors around to help too. As for the pregnancy I am not in as bad as shape as I was with Trip, but have been to the hospital once to get contractions stopped and just have to take it as easy as I can with these two rowdy boys. I didn't realize how much I do for these boys on a daily basis until I try to do the minimum. I used to think I didn't do much during the day, but I actually do a lot!! My contractions still hurt, but I am not having enough to worry, only 1-2 an hour so that good!! Tyrel's job is going well except for the traveling of course!! He is home from midnight on Friday night to about 2pm on Sunday we get him for a fun day and half, which we always make the most of. The boys are doing great and are always making me laugh!! We love our new ward and Cooper, Trip, and I have already made some fun friends. I guess as of about a year or two ago there were barely any young families, but now there are a lot so we have had fun! Above are some pictures of our nice snow and me at almost 30weeks!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Picture Update