Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Playing Hooky!!

Well not really. Tyrel didn't have to go to work on Monday not because it was President's Day, but because he was waiting for parts to get shipped to the house before he could do any work. He did spend some of the morning on his computer doing work stuff and a little on his work truck, but for the most part he hung out with us. We had such a fun day. In the morning Tyrel and Cooper played with his new Mega Block set, played basketball on his new toddler hoop, and then we had seen some sidewalk chalk checking out of the store so since it was a warm sunny day we played outside with that, Cooper rode his 4wheeler, and of course some more basketball. What a fun dad Tyrel is. Cooper had a full day of fun.

Cooper had a blast coloring on the sidewalk. If you were coloring he would come sit on your drawing and color around it or color through it. Apparently he has artist envy since Tyrel and I are such amazing artists.

Cooper took a break from the sidewalk chalk because apparently it wasn't messy enough and headed to the dirt pile

Tyrel would throw the ball on the roof and Cooper would look around wondering where it went (pic on top) and then suprise it would fall off the roof (picture on bottom)!! It was hilarous.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Well today Tyrel and I have been married 3 years!! Yeah to us!! We had a great anniversary weekend. It started off on Friday when we found out that we are having another BOY!! We are so excited. We wanted a little brother for Cooper. The ultrasound tech had the hardest time doing her measurements because he kept moving like crazy, of course I could have told her that, because I feel him move all the time. While I was doing the rest of my appointment Tyrel and Cooper went and got me flowers to celebrate the good news!! Then that afternoon Tyrel's sister Tranell came and watched Cooper for the weekend so we took off to Snowflake and Show Low to go to the temple and relax. We saw a movie on Friday night and Saturday night and went to the temple during the day on Saturday. It was so nice to relax and do a couple things that we rarely get to do anymore with Cooper. We then went to Church in Snowflake and came home. Cooper barely even noticed we were gone. He had a blast with Tranell and her dog Dash. He even got sad this morning when Tranell and Dash left. Sorry for the lack of pictures. Show Low is actually kind of boring and not a whole lot to take a picture of.