Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Boys Pictures

A couple of month's ago as I posted before Tyrel's cousin Haley took the boy's pictures. Here are some of them. K so here are a lot of them, but they are all so cute!! Of course I have my favorites. I should have done a slide show but oh well!!

Kanosha Pass

Last weekend we tried to squeeze in one more camping trip before the nights got to cold. We found this lake on a map by a forest service road, but when we got there would couldn't find it or a good spot so we broke down and did a campsite close by. We rather do forest service, but the campground was nice. In our campsite we had all these boulders for the boys to play on that were just the right size. Cooper and Trip played forever on them. Trip did so well considering last time we camped he was barely walking and could barely make it on the uneven ground. Now we just sat back and watched him climb all over these rocks. Amazingly he had no injuries he loved it. Cooper of course loves climbing rocks and exploring the woods. We went on hikes, play baseball with a stick, drove to a nearby river and threw rocks in the water and ate some yummy camping food. We had a blast and are bummed we didn't get to camp more this summer.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The last two weekends!!

Two weekends ago Tyrel had to go fix a rig up in Juneau, AK so I hung out in Pagosa Springs. Loretta and I took the boys up to Wolf Creek pass where Cord and Kristin were camping to have lunch and explore the woods. The boys had a blast playing and hanging out with their cousin Jayton. Then this last weekend after Tyrel, me, and the boys went at looked at a house in Cortez we drove up to Vallecito Lake and threw rocks in the lake. That has to be one of Cooper's favorite things to do is throw rocks in the water. I found a couple of pretty colorful rocks and Cooper could care less he would just throw it in the water. I guess I need a girl to appreciate those type of things!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last of Washington

Well we are finally back from our two week Trip. We got back Sunday night from our two day drive. Some highlights

-We traveled a total of seven states
-Swam and played in the sun non-stop
-Cooper got to see and play with 30 cousins would have been 34 but he was asleep when we stopped by 4
- Cooper getting a rock stuck up his nose and he probably swallowed it.
-Trip grabbing a wasp and getting stung in the hand, luckily my mom had something awesome that within second you couldn't even tell
-Staying up late playing games
-Cooper getting so brave in the water
-Trip hanging out with Grandma and grandma not wanting him to leave
-Spending tons of just our family time the week Tyrel was up
-Getting to go out on a date with Tyrel
- I got nice and tan without even trying
-Tyrel and I wake-boarding and tubing
- I got the guts to do backflips off the dock, which I haven't done for years
- Seeing tons of family
-Getting to see some friends of Tyrel's from his mission
- Spending a total for 4 days in the car! The kids actually did really well

It was an aweome trip. The weather was perfect and no complications driving.