Sunday, January 24, 2010


My gorgeous view out of the kitchen today after all the new snow!!

I am going to miss entering through our back door. This is all the snow that fell off the roof Thurday night. I noticed ice build up bending our gutters so I took an ice chipper and got the ice off, so then all the snow fell right onto the sidewalk. We couldn't even open the back door. Now we have to enter through the front door, which is rough since the back door entered into our mud room, now all our messes from outside come into our living room!!

Trip helping dad shovel snow!!

This is my little tractor I have lived on all week. 8mo pregnant and out plowing snow!!! Little bumpy and rough, but easier on the body than shoveling!! Also thank goodness for Tyrel's old coverall's from high school. Little long, but with my fat belly they zip up and keep me warm!!

This is our main spot where we put snow!!

Well this last week was kind of crazy! It started to snow Monday night and finished Friday night with a little break Wednesday, bringing in at least 2ft of snow. I spent Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on our little plow each of those days for 2-4hrs out plowing snow. Even though this plow is too small for our huge driveway it was nice to have and know I am not stranded. We had snow predicted all week so I spend each day making sure I moved it somewhere out of the way to get ready for the next storm. Thursday night though the snow was coming down really wet and heavy and dumping so I had Tyrel call Rusty the guy who saved me last time to come with his tractor and do some clean up for me. I was running out of place to put snow. He showed up Friday afternoon at about noon and he left after 45min and he had only about 4 new inches of snow to plow, but it was super heavy and wet. Then of course after he left the snow started to dump and come down super hard. So once Tyrel informed he was coming home because it had already been two weeks he had been gone he took the long way home because all the passes were closed on his normal route. Turning his 6 1/2hr drive to 9hr. So I had to go back out that night and plow again the new 3-4in to make sure his truck could make it up the drive!! Then him and I and the boys spend Saturday doing clean up. I plowed some more cleaning up snow and moving snow out of the way and he shoveled. Then we had to haul wood that was barried in the snow and split, because I was out of split wood for the woodstove. Cooper was amazing. He worked by his dad all day with no nap shoveling and hauling wood. Trip also spent all day out with him except for his one nap following Tyrel around and watching and helping where he could. Tyrel said that Cooper worked harder than most teenangers would. Well he is back off to work and probably gone for two weeks again. They are swamped at work. There is another storm coming in Tuesday-Thursday. Hopefully it doesn't bring a lot of snow.


Tyrel's mom celebrated her 50th Birthday!! Tyrel didn't get to come home last weekend so me and the boys packed up and headed to her house to help celebrate her big 5-0!! Troy (Tyrel's dad) took her to dinner and then the rest of us hung out and when she got back had a very yummy birthday cake made by Kristin. She always has the best dessert recipes. I would have done a box cake!! As you can see her three grandson's helped blow out the candles!! Her Birthday was a week ago, but Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law she is truly amazing and wonderful. She is always super busy, but makes time for my boys. She is always willing to help out and is always offering to help when I know she doesn't have the time. I am so glad I get along with her and that she will let me talk to vent my insignificant frustrations, because we all know I talk a lot about nothing!! She is great for putting up with me!! We all love her and she is one of Cooper's favorite people!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shout Out!!

If you are looking for some unique artwork for your kid's check out the website below. She has some already made or does custom design. These are created by Ally a cousin on Tyrel's side.

Monday, January 11, 2010


So this last Saturday I kind of helped host a baby shower at my house for my Visiting teaching companion Ali and it kind of turned into a dual baby shower for me too since we are both having girls for the first time. So our friend Mary Ann took charge of invites and games and stuff. It turned out great. We had I think 13 people total. I had three neighbors show up and then the rest from our ward. We had a blast. Tyrel and his brother Cord took the boys outside to hang out and us girls visited, did a couple games (nothing too cheezy), had some food, and opened gifts. The great thing about the whole thing was Ali was basically in labor the whole time. She had a brave face on, but you could tell she was having a hard time concentrating. She ended up having her baby late that night. I talked to her today and she said she finally got to look at her gifts, because that day she didn't really remember anything she opened!! At the hospital I guess she was at a 4 and they admitted her and then 20 min later had the baby! A nurse delivered her baby, because the dr didn't make it thinking she had a little more time to get there and her husband missed it too because he had stepped out of the hospital for a just a min and when they called him back it was over. Crazy uh!! Well after the shower I decided to organize all the baby clothes and wash them weather I have a girl or not might as well right. I will either store them or give them away to someone else. So anyway Tyrel took them out of the dryer and he kind of freaked out in a good way saying wow seeing all this pink is making me really excited to have a girl, he was before, but it seemed more realistic to see girl clothes!! So anyways just over a month left!! We can't wait!! Thank again to everyone for an awesome baby shower!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So what do you think?

So here it is my first Diaper cake. With a friend's help we are throwing my other friend a baby shower, which had turned into a double baby shower for me too. This was so fun and easy to do. I also learned how to make flowers out of baby socks and wash cloths which I might add to the cake if I have time . This 3 tier cake includes like 70 diapers, toys, wrapped with receiving blankets, and held together in the center with two bottles.


New Year's Weekend was a blast. I headed over to my in-law's in Pagosa Springs on Thursday afternoon and Tyrel headed there from work up in Denver. We had such a fun weekend of playing games, snowmobiling, eating food, visiting, and bowling. It is so fun to see my boys play with their cousin Jayton. They all played so well together!! They all even stayed up until about 12:30am for new years and were all still really happy and playing. I didn't know my boys could stay up that late, let alone be in a good mood doing it. I think one of my favorite things is watching my boys play with their cousins. Trip loved the snowmobiles. He threw a fit everytime he had to get off. He rotated to whoever would give him a ride (thanks Uncle Spur). Everytime we went outside he thought he was going to get to ride. Cooper for some reason didn't want to go the first day he just wanted to climb the huge snow pile at the house, but the next day he loved it and beat me in a race!! Then we all got to go bowling together. It was a blast to see the kids bowl. That is Cooper's first time. He is already planning a trip back. Tyrel had fun with his brothers working on stuff and I had fun hanging out with Loretta (Tyrel's mom) and Kristin (my sister-in-law). I am so excited Kristin is pregnant again with me so we will have kids the same age. We had lots of laughs and even though it felt good to come home, we had a lot of fun hanging out for about 3 days which we haven't done in a while.