Saturday, September 15, 2012

Photo Shoot

I haven't taken pictures of my kids in a while and I don't even have pictures of my kids on my walls!! How weird uh!! I just have family pictures!! So I did a photo shoot today so I can get pictures of my kids on the wall.




Thursday, September 13, 2012

Preganancy #4

So I realized I haven't posted a single thing about pregnancy #4. Here I am over halfway and no documentation, so like most my posts this is for me and my journaling! Well the first 14 weeks was throwing up everything except Diet Coke and chocolate!  Most of you would think that sounds like a good diet, but it's not! I am not a sweet's person.  But up until 12 weeks chocolate and smoothies, and my zolfran drug. I had lost a few pounds and cried not because I was throwing up at that moment, but more for the next time I get pregnant.  I don't feel like this is it, so I have cried more for the fact that I don't ever want to do this again!!  Being so hungry and sick all the time.  I actually didn't throw up too much, because I pretty much just quit eating! So there was nothing to throw up.  Then about 14 weeks my medication actually started to work.  I was keep food down, but still sick.  So my doctor reccommended Coke (yes my doctor told me to drink coke). You know it's bad when your doctor tells you to consume whatever works no matter if it's only pop and chocolate!!  So at about 21 weeks I told myself to quite drinking the pop. I did buy caffine free, because I had no desire to drink that much caffine, but sometimes it was the real stuff!!  As much as I don't like drinking pop everyday it just took that car sick feeling away that was following me.  After I started eating again as always I gained weight fast.  I usually gain at least 60% of weight from 14-20 weeks, as my body has been in starvation mode and stores everyting I eat. But for a while I did go on a no sugar no pop diet to detox my body!  YUCK!! Seriously only sweet stuff is not fun to have!  We found out we are having another boy!!  We are excited to have another boy!!  I would have been happy with another girl, but we were really wanting another boy.  The main reason why I would have been happy with another girl is since June Peyton wakes up all the time scared at night, so maybe a bed buddy would have helped us all get some sleep some day!  Now I am feeling pretty good, get nausious here and there and my braxton hicks started at 19 weeks, but only about 10-15 a day so that is nothing compared to other pregnancies so far!! But they aren't usually a problem until closer to 30 weeks.  The main difference I have felt this time versus all the others is that I just feel so pregnant!!  From early on my body just feels and moves pregnant!! Even when I wasn't showing I still felt like I waddled.  And for some reason my hips have taken months to get wider!!!   How much more moving do they have to do!! This baby must be bigger than the rest!!  I am 25 weeks now and this is the part of the pregnancy where I feel the best. I am over the worst of throwing up and my braxton hicks are under control.  So I am just enjoying this time being pregnant and feeling pretty good and getting things done.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


So flashback to father's day on June 17th, 2012. I have this paper I have been hanging on to since then that Trip brought home from church that he filled out about his dad and am ready to throw it away, but wanted to save his answers.

1. My daddy's name is Tyrel
2. He is 15 years old
3. His hair is brown and his eyes are brown.
4. My dad's favorite food is gravy.
5. Daddy's favortie color is yellow and white
6. My dad likes to wear good clothes
7. My dad's job is work
8. He loves to eat good food.
9. He's smart because he knows his kids
10. My dad works hard at for his family
11. Daddy always tells me to be good
12. I'm happy when daddy is home. (my favorite answer of his)
13. I love my daddy beacuse he loves me .