Monday, September 29, 2008


Well Fall is here. Well kind of. It's still gets up to high 70's and low 80's. But the nights are nice. I love fall, it's my favorite season. I love the smell and the colors. I am so excited to have a fall this year since I haven't had one in a while living in Phoenix and Tucson. This is just a picture of one of my decorations in the house. Fall is also a lot of fun to decorate for. Also Cooper is officially potty trained!! YEAH!! How nice. So far when I run errands we have had no accidents, I am sure there are some to come though. HE is doing a great job! Trip is turning into quite the mover when he's on the floor and talking and laughing more than ever. Every stranger feels special because when they say hi he gives them a huge grin with all his dimples and they think they are a rare person to get that, little do they know that he does it to everyone. Tyrel is working 6 hours away this week and last week, he did get to come home for the weekend though. He is so busy and I am very grateful for all his hard work. Some day I will have to start cooking dinner every day of the week, but for now I try to cook some good meals on the weekend.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Me and My Boys

So it seems that I am the only one who ever takes pictures so Tyrel took this picture of me and the two boys yesterday. So now there is proof that I exist. Also random thing. Cooper is hilarious. His new thing is if I want him to come to me or do something that he doesn't want to do he lays down and fake snores and closes his eyes to pretend he asleep. It's so funny, because we didn't teach him that. I have no idea where he picked it up!! And Trip if finally growing up. The last two days I have not had to spend my days holding him. If he is fed and has a clean diaper and not tired h will just play on his play mat. I love it. Finally some freedom during the day!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Trip to Las Vegas

So last week we all headed to Las Vegas. Tyrel's work sent him there for some mining expo where he needed to set up some drills. They intially put us in the Paris Hotel, but some how we were moved into the Flamingo. We got into our room late Sunday and it was ghetto. It reaked of smoke and just felt gross so we upgraded and were on the 22 floor with somewhat of a view of the strip. On Monday we didn't do much. Tuesday I spent the day at my friend Kacey's. Wednesday me and the two boys ventured out and explored the Ceasar's Palace Hotel and went to dinner at Kacey's. Thursday the two little boys and I spent the day at Circus Circus and at dinner there with Tyrel. then Friday Tyrel had to work half day so we got ready checked out and then played at the adventure dome and the stratosphere. All in all we had a blast. Las Vegas would probably be towards the very bottome of our family vacation list, but when someone else if paying for most of it then it's not so bad.

Kacey's House!

One of the reasons I went to Vegas with Tyrel was not only to see my husband at night, but was to see my best friend Kacey. Well she kind of put a damper on my week by going and having a baby Saturday before I got there! JK! So I did spend one day with her at her house and we had dinner there one night with her husband Jon, Kacey's mom and our kids. It was so fun to see her and see Cooper and her little girl play together. It's crazy that we have kids now!! Her mom was also there helping out and she even took care of me, she fed Cooper lunch, got me lunch, and even held Trip when he was crying. I felt kind of bad. But Kacey's new little boy is soo cute!! It was nice to get away from the Strip for a day and let Cooper just run around and play with a kid his age!!

Walking Around Vegas

Here are just some random pictures walking around Vegas. Cooper loved the fountains at the Belagio Hotel. They went off about every 15-30min and each show was large fountains spraying along with music. We were even able to see them from our hotel room so Cooper got excited to look out.

Caesars Palace Hotel

Cooper loved the aquarium at this hotel. I had a hard time getting him away from it. There was also this little show with moving statues and fire and water. It was kind of lame, but Cooper enjoyed it. Then in the hotel was the FAO Schwartz toy store where I thought these ugly dolls were hilarious. If any of my family was reading this they could all relate back to the Christmas when I was little where I made a very similar doll as a homemade gift for my nephew. To think I was laughed at when I could have been a millionaire!! Then Cooper had a blast playing on this large piano. Since no one was there he got to play for a long time!!

Circus Circus & Belagio Hotel

Here are some random pictures of some circus acts Cooper and I saw. There is also some pictures of the conservatory at the Belagio Hotel, but it was under construction because they were re-doing it for the fall. There is also a picture of this really pretty chocolate fountain.

Adventure Dome

Cooper and Tyrel had a blast at the Adventure Dome at the Circus Circus Hotel. The first ride Cooper went on he freaked out, but the second one he loved and from then on was hooked. Having a blast on these bigger rides helped us have a break through. For some reason those dinky rides outside of stores or in the mall have always freaked Cooper out, but now they are a piece of cake and he loves all the rides big or small!!


On the last day right before we went home I wanted to go on the rides on top of the statopshere, which is the tallest building west of the Mississippi. So I did the Big Shot where it shoots you and drops you up in the air, and at max height from the ground I was 1,119ft. The other ride that is at 866ft you sit in this chair and drops you as if you were going to ride of the edge of the tower. They were pretty cool!! Tyrel watched with the boys.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun in Colorado