Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tyrel's Buck

Last year Tyrel got this buck within like the 1st hour of opening day. He got it shoulder mounted and while I was in Colorado I took a picture of it since Tyrel hasn't seen it mounted yet. It is hanging in his parent's bunk house. I would love to hang it in my living room right above the TV you know, but I already have a clock hanging there, dang, and I can't move that clock!!! LOL!

Back from Colorado

So last week Cooper and I made the 10 hour drive to Colorado while Tyrel was out of town. Since Tyrel's work said we would be back home in Colorado by Christmas I thought I would go check out Cortez,CO. The drive up there was fine. Cooper did really well!! The only downfall of the trip was Cooper was sick the whole week. Monday he got a new tooth, Tuesday ran a fever, and Wed-Sat he had the flu! The whole 2 hour drive back from Cortez Cooper threw up. We thought he was car sick, but then he passed the flu around. I got it Friday, Troy (Tyrel's dad) got it Saturday and now the brother's are passing it around. Also my sister-in-law who is pregnant got it. I felt so bad. I also felt bad because he turned into such a momma's boy and would rarley get two feet away from me. For those of you who know Cooper, he is not really a momma's boy, he loves other people and will flirt with the old ladies in the grocery store line. This last week since he didn't fell well if anyone even looked at him he would start crying. He still hasn't really eaten much and threw up again yesterday, I think there are more teeth coming. Something that was positive was Cooper loves the horses and ponies this trip. Last time he was terrified of them, but now he would put his hand out and click his tongue to get the ponies to come closer. He also loved to stick his finger up their noses!! My in-laws also only have a shower so as you can see in the picture we made a make-shift tub. It was actually a lot easier to bathe him in that the an actual Tub.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Growing Up

Well now that it's October it's cool enough to go outside as long as you do it before 9:30am. So Cooper and I have been going on walks and to the park in the morning. Since he hasn't gone to the playground really he is kind of timid, but is mastering the slide. He loves watching the other kids. He tries to keep up with the older kids. I have learned a couple things about Cooper this week. 1-he hates the heat. The second he starts to get to warm he is done playing. He may have been born in Airzona but I think deep down he knows he is a true Colorado baby. If I go for a walk and the sun is on him he gets cranky and gets all happy when we are back in the air conditioning. When it's cloudy and cool he will play outside all day!! 2 - he loves playing with other kids. When other kids are around he really doesn't even care I am around. 3- He's not a daredevil ,yet, He is active and likes to play non-stop, but I don't have to worry about him climbing to high or getting close to edges. 4- He's not a fan of repetition. You know how when most babies learn something new they do it over and over. Not Cooper. He says da da, but not everytime he sees Tyrel, he will point to his eyes, nose, mouth, but one time and he is ready to move on. He likes to do patty cake maybe twice in a row if I am lucky. He doesn't focus on one activity for too long. It's almost like he gives me glimpses of what he can do as if to say "don't worry mom I'm on track, I'm not behind, I'm learning, but I got better things to do." I am loving learning Cooper's personality. So far I can tell he is going to be very socialable, active, and involved, but not quite the leader. He will always want to be active and busy, but I don't think I will have to be always telling him to stop, or get out, or get down. We'll see if that changes!