Wednesday, February 1, 2012

She's 2!!!

Getting ready to eat her Birthday Cake!!

This cake was fun to make. I always have really big ideas for cake, then I get too cheap and come up with more basic creations!!

Zonked out in her big bed!! When she moved to her bed she started asking for a baby to sleep with!!

Peyton's favorite outfit while potty training. Her underwear and of course her purple snow boots. She now wears pants, but still sports the boots all day!!

I love this age when they open presents. They are excited about everything they open!! I didn't get too many pictures during that event since she moves so fast!!

I was really excited for this birthday because this is the 1st time I have a 2 year old party and I did not just have another baby!! January was a big month for Peyton. After we got back from Arizona for New Year's Peyton wouldn't stay in her crib so she moved to a big bed. The bed in her room is a queen since it's our guest room and she looks soooo tiny in that huge bed!! Also when we got back she asked to go potty and hasn't looked back since!! She is potty trained in the day and nap time and almost there at night. It is true that girls are easier to potty train than boys! It was so nice!! I love too that when you tell her to hold it she will!! Then the month ended with her big #2 birthday!! She got a cake in the shape of a purse in case you couldn't figure that out in the picture!. She got lots of clothes and new princess tent. She loves the boy's tent and since it's falling apart we got her another one!! We love having Petyon in our family, even though we would be happy to not have anymore girls!! She is so fun and cute and talks like crazy. She is always singing, moving, or talking. She is quite the character. It doesn't take much to make her smile and laugh. She is very girly,with her purses, necklaces, and babies. But she will dive right in with the boys when they are wrestling with dad, riding the 4 wheeler, horses,sledding or out playing in the dirt!! She loves her brothers and follows them all day and luckily they enjoy having her tag along!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEYTON!!