Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday before Christmas

Everyone ready to go church. Only a couple pictures so we weren't late for church, but at least I had documentation!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fun Day!!

This last Saturday we were finally able to get a tree!!  This was my favorite year going to the mountains  to get a tree because I wasn't pregnant like one year and my kids are getting older.  We had a blast driving up the mountain and hunting for a tree.  And yes we are in the mountains at over 9000 ft in the middle of December in Colorado and yes there is no snow!! The kids had fun playing in the few crusty patches of snow and hauling the tree down to the car.  We then headed home, unloaded the tree and headed to see Santa. Cooper actually told Santa what he wanted and took a picture.  Trip went up next to Santa with me in between and took a picture and kind of told Santa what he wanted only because he really wanted a candy cane. Peyton got no where near Santa and a candy cane what not worth it to her either.  We then headed to a baptism my friends daughter and for a friend of Cooper's. Then came home decorated the tree and had pizza and pop! This is the first year that after the lights and ribbon I let the kids put on all the decorations. They are uneven and 2 to three on a limb, but it's actually one of my favorite trees we have ever had and decorated.  It's my favorite tree from the mountains and the kids had so much fun decorating it!! Even though I had all my decorations up and no snow on the ground it finally feels like Christmas with a tree up!! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

1 week old

Precious Moments

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rowdy Kent Ross

6 Ib 14oz and 18" Long.  Nov 29th, 2012
 4 weeks early!

This is Rowdy's great grandpa John Kent Ross where we got Rowdy's middle name. While they visiting at the hospital Tyrel's grandma said that when Grandpa John was little they called him "Little Johnny Kent, the rowdy one"  So after I heard that I really loved his name!  

At the hospital Trip was all over Rowdy and had a huge grin the hole time and even home is still just in love with him and will just stare at him

Cooper loved holding Rowdy, but has a deep fear of hospitals.  He hates seeing me in a hospital gown and hated seeing Rowdy with an IV in his hand (glucose for low blood sugar).  After he left he kept having grandma reassure him Rowdy didn't have it in his hand anymore. 

Peyton fell asleep on the way to the hospital and had a hard time waking up.  She just layed by me the whole time.
Cool fact of my kids birthday dates:  Cooper's 28th, rowdy's 29th, trip 30th, and peyton 31st.

Well after working hard to keep Rowdy in as long as I could, I finally couldn't do it any longer.  I was put on strict bed rest at 31 weeks and was told to try and make it to 36 weeks.  It was really hard to keep my contractions under control.  At 33 weeks with my ward bringing me dinner and friends taking my kids for part of the day I finally had to break down ask my mother-in-law for help.  No matter how much I layed down, every time I got up to help my kids I felt my body trying to go into labor. So my sweet mother-in-law took Trip and Peyton for a week.  Then thanksgiving week Tyrel was around most of the week. But Tuesday before Thankgiving I felt my body change.  Doing nothing I really felt the start of labor.  So then at my next appt the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and just over 35 weeks I had my dr check me and I was at a 3.  She asked me to walk around for a couple hours and then get check again before sending me an hour back home since I am so early.  My friend and I got some Christmas shopping done and went back and I was at a 4.  So they kept me and Tyrel headed my way since he was 5 1/2hrs from the hospital.  Contractions progressed but I stayed at a 4.  Then about 9pm everything just stopped.  They wanted me to stay but I knew I was just in early labor and asked to be released so we could go stay at a hotel close by. They let me go as long as I didn't drive clear back home.  So then we went in the next morning (wed) and I was still at a 4 and contractions pretty far apart.  So I thought awesome I can go home and scrub my house top to bottom (which had only been done once in over a month).  So we got home about noon and didn't sit down once. I just started scrubbing and cleaning. About 5pm the contractions started hitting me hard and learned what back labor really meant.  So I just kept going and then we ran to walmart for something Tyrel needed. Then about 10:30 at night I told Tyrel I think we should go back. I figured 5 hours of 4-6 min apart contractions should be good.  We loaded the sleeping kids in the car and drove back. I was at a 6 and contractions close, so no going home.  My mother and father-in-law came and got the kids.  I got my epidural at a 6cm because she was already giving another women hers and was headed home after that.  So all night I kind of just sat at a 7. Then at 5:30am the dr broke my water and then I stayed at an 8.  The epideral was wearing off, but I didn't push the button because I didn't want to slow things down.  So things started to hurt and finally after dozing off and on at about 12:45pm I was jerked awake and after pushing through 3 contractions little Rowdy was here at 1:02pm!!  I feel so  great and feels great to be off bedrest. I feel better now than before and have been on my feet pretty much since I got home!! Got Christmas decorations all up and grocery shopping done.  Rowdy had blood sugar problems that kept us at the hospital for 48hrs and now is batteling jaundice.  He has had to sleep in his swing with a light blanket that helps it.  He has had his feet poked for blood at least 20 times. Today was the last day. Yesterday was day 5 of his levels going up and today finally showed them going down.  We are all anxious to hold him.  If he is not eating he has to be on the lights.  Cooper and Peyton both had jaundice. Rowdy has been pretty alert and eating ok so I haven't worried about it.   I am glad no going to get blood drawn tomorrow. We are ready for a day at home. My doctor has asked me to reconsider the thought of having more children as it's getting harder to carry them full term, but that is another discussion for another day! We are just greatful we got this one here healthy and pushed our luck again to carry another one to a safe term.  Tyrel and I had a quiet Sunday and Monday and then grandma brought the other three back and Tyrel headed back to work.  So back to reality and adjusting to 4 kids!!  I even made my kids a real dinner for the first time in over a month!!