Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Projects

So I thought I would do a quick post on how much I love life right now. I love being busy. I am more organized and feel better about myself when I have a million things to do. I love the fact that on top of taking care of 3 kids (3 and under) on my own (which is time consuming enough) I have 3 acres that need taming, rooms that need painting, spaces needing organizing, relief society secretary stuff to do, sewing projects half done, exercising, and of course the normal day to day cooking and cleaning. I truly do love all this stuff and don't feel overwhelmed. I know it will all get done eventually and as long as I know everything doesn't have to be done at once I won't get overwhelmed. I miss my husband like crazy, but now that we have a house with projects and three kids my weeks definitely fly by making Friday night come faster than ever. I used to watch the clock tick for bedtime for my kids, now I am rushing to get them to bed because it's way past it. Now instead of counting down the minutes for Friday I am rushing to get everything I want to get done before Tyrel gets home. I feel so blessed with everything right now. I also love my life in the fact that even though I have a million things to do, at any given time I can pick up and go see Tyrel in Denver or go visit family if I wanted to. Nothing in my list of a million things has to be done right away.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yeah Spring Time!!

The weather this week has been amazing. Me and the kids have been taking advantage of it every second. We have been to the park a couple times, been rock climbing, out in the yard, riding bikes. It's has been great. I thought I would hate this time change thinking there is no way my kids are going to go to bed at 7:30 anymore since it's so bright out, but thanks to this nice weather and playing hard they are exhausted by then and can't wait to hit the hay!!

Yesterday Cooper and I attacked a huge pile of bark that was in our carport from the winter wood splitting and moved it out. But then today we tackled about 1/7 of my flower beds. As you look at the picture below you may think wow what a great accomplishment and I look at it and think after 4 hours of weeding I still have tons and tons more!! I have huge flower beds that wrap all along the east deck and the south deck of my house!! Any tips from Aunt Kathy reading this would be much appreciated!! I have also decided this might be a bad hobby for me. I think my kids are going to be severely neglected this spring. I hate leaving something unfinished and I know I am going to have to learn to, because with 3 kids (one being an infant) I know I am not always going to get to finish the project I am working on.

Rock climbing with their friends DJ and Jake!!



AFTER (can you believe all the tulips that were in that mess of grass!!)

AFTER AFTER (K so this picture Cooper looks like I worked him to the bone, but actually after hours of nagging him to stop whining and help and telling him he can't go inside turns out he was running a fever of 102!! See I told you my kids will get neglected when I'm doing a project!!)