Monday, November 2, 2009


K so I am finally getting a post with pictures of our new house!!! On Sep 30th we closed on a home in Lewis, CO (Outskirts of Cortez,CO). It has 3bed/2bath and on 3 acres. I hate to post the inside since I have so much to do, but I have had quite a few people ask me to post some. Sorry no pics of master bedroom it's still a disaster. Me and the boys are very much enjoying our new house. Poor Tyrel has only been in it a few times the last month. We have a great new ward and awesome neighbors that have brought us cookies and dinner. Our neighbor next door has already request Tyrel's cell just in case I go into labor when he is not around. A couple neighbors have already learned fast that Tyrel travels and that I am pregnant so I have had offers to let them know if I need anything with him gone so much. So nice!! The front of the property is wooded so Tyrel is going to clear it out and make it pasture ready for animals. The back the yard already has plans for my garden and kids toys like swing set, basketball court, and trampoline, some day. Tyrel has even already bought a pony for Cooper called "Trigger"!! We are so happy to have stopped at our 9th place in under 5 years and have no intentions of moving again, EVER!!! We miss Tyrel not being around, but feel there is something in Cortez for us, either more work in that area or a new job someday that will keep him around!!