Sunday, July 8, 2012

My family reunion

My family reunion has come and gone!! I love my family reunions! We have them every 2 years and they are always over way too quickly! My brother Seth and I were in charge of this one!! I found a house on Bear Lake, UT/ID. It had 17 bedrooms each with their own bathroom, rec room, swimming pool, hot tub, swing set, vb net, basketball hoop, and a large grass area to play games on. After we got the place booked Seth took over the activities and I took over the food. I planned and shopped for food for 71 people for 11 meals and 4 dessert/late snacks!! I was stressed about planning it, because running out of food is the worst! But once the 5 carts and 1 flat cart of food was bought and loaded in our trailer the rest went really well! We had plenty of food and my family was great in signing up and chipping in with prep and clean up!! My brother rented a go-cart place one morning for our whole family, the guys and kids went paint balling the next day, and we toured a cave the 3rd full day. The rest of the time was spent in the pool, eating and playing games. My kids spent every second they could in the pool. Cooper who can't really swim hung out with his older cousins so by the second day was doing dives and front flips off the side of the pool with no floatation device! I love older boy cousins who make my kids instantly fearless!! I did not see my children hardly. The boys slept in the lower level and Peyton was always off who know where! Tyrel was a huge help though. I was busy in the kitchen the majority of the time and he was great to make sure all the kids needs were taken care of and pitch in the clean up when needed! We also stopped in and saw friends and family on the way through SLC and on the way back! We had fund hanging out with our friends Jeremey and Jamie and their kids and with Tyrel's cousin and his family! We wanted to stay and play, but decided to come home and rest up now that we are back to reality!! I didn't take too many pictures because a really good family friend came up and hung out with us and took pictures and video all week!! a

My Parent's Come to Town!!

My mom and dad made a trip to come visit!! It was so great to have my parents come visit. My mom has only been here once when I had Peyton and we were buried in snow and she was sick and my dad has never been here. We enjoyed hanging out and my dad hid in the my house by the swamp cooler while we had 95 degree heat the whole time! When Tyrel was here we took them to the Bar D Chuckwagon. Trip loves that place. He was in a trance the whole time watching the singers. We then had a surprise at the end when Charlie Daniels came on stage from the crowed ( You know the guy who sings "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" ) and sang that for us!! It was cool, considering that is the only Charlie Daniel's song i know!! My parents also relaxed while watching me run around like crazy trying to get the final touches done on planning my family reunion!! I did feel bad that I was a little stressed!! It was great to spend some time with them though and show them the area we live in! My kids had a blast too. We then all loaded up Sunday the 1st to travel to our family reunion!

Our Big Guy is 6!!

I can't believe I have a 6 year old!! We decided to have an actual birthday party for Cooper. I have decided having summer birthdays is great. Just give some kids some water and squirt guns and you don't have to do anything else!! They all had a blast. For our present to Cooper we decided to get Cooper a Leapster Explorer. If anyone knows us they know we are way way behind on any technology!! We are not a fan of our kids plugged into games, but we decided this would be good to have here and there for car trips and stuff. When Cooper opened it he said "You actually got me one of these!!!" Yeah that's us, the lame parents!! So he loves it. Now he is headed off to Kindergarten in the Fall!!


I am kind of behind so I thought I would catch up! The 1st week of June we headed to Florida for Tyrel's sister Tranell's wedding. We left the kids behind with a friend and headed out for a long weekend. Tranell got married on Anna Maria Island so a few days we had nice relaxing weekend on the beach and eating good food and of course the wedding was beautiful on the beach.