Sunday, September 30, 2007

Little Cowboy

Cooper finally got his first cowboy outfit. Grandpa and Grandma Ross bought Cooper is first pair of wranglers and then a Wrangler shirt. We love the picture taken from the side. Looks like Cooper is puttin' out the vibe!!! We just need to get him some boots and hat!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Colorado Here We Come!

We are so excited we just got news from Tyrel's boss that most likely they will be transfering us to Cortez, CO around the holiday's!! Bummer to move in the winter by the holiday's, but we'll take it!! I am headed to Pagosa Springs for a week on the 8th of October to stay with my in-laws and check out some rental places in Cortez. We thought we would rent a little while to check out the town and see where we want to buy. Of course I told Tyrel if living in Cortez still takes him out of town a lot then I would rather live in Pagosa and be by family, but if living in Cortez means he gets to come home at night that I would rather stay there. So far he is going out of town the rest of this week. Three weeks in October and the first full week in November. So I am anxious to get to Cortez and hopefully see him more!! For those of you who don't know Colorado Cortez is about 2 hours west of Pagosa Springs, so we will still be pretty close to family!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Latest

Well we haven't been up to too much lately. Tyrel is finally not out of town this week, but last night he got home at 9pm and it's now 10pm and he's still not home from work. He is on his way home right now so I thought I would post something new to pass the time. Cooper is turning into a great walker. Now that is all he wants to do is walk and run around. He loves church because there are tons of halls and the gym. I can't get him to sit still. I am really enjoying him going from the baby stage to the toddler stage. Today he was hilarious out of know where three times today he would be just sitting there no toys or anything and just start laughing as loud as he could for no reason for a long time. It cracked me up. Maybe he has an imaginary friend that was telling him a good joke!! Well most of you probably know that I miscarried. I am doing really well and have been blessed in many ways through it. I am of course disappointed, but know things will be alright and am anxious to get pregnant again. I posted this picture of Cooper watching TV. I thought it was cute that he layed on the floor on proped his feet up. He sure misses his dad. Around 5 or 6 everynight he is right in my lap and is ready to wrestle which is what Tyrel usually does when he's home. He misses his daily rough housing with dad. Last weekend we got to see my mom. My sister-in-law had a baby and they flew her down to help out so Tyrel and I went up to Mesa Saturday to see her and the new baby. Oh yeah Tyrel got a new calling he is on the activity committe and in charge of magazine. I cracked up when I heard. That is the last calling I would guess for him. He'll probably just be in charge of set up and take down!!! Well that is the latest from the Ross family

Monday, September 10, 2007

Father like Son!

In my update I talked about how Cooper has decided wearing a hat like dad is cool. We have never been able to get Cooper to keep a hat on and then last week when Tyrel was out of town Cooper found Tyrel's hat and kept wanting me to put it on. So when Tyrel got home we broke out Cooper's hats again and he loved to keep them on. I think he looks so cute with a ballcap on and Tyrel was so excited too!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Well I know I haven't posted in a while. To be honest there really hasn't been anything lately to post. Tyrel has been out of town the last two weeks, is home on the weekends and he is leaving again tomorrow for the week. He hopes not the whole week. There is good news from his work though, they have let me know a service truck has been ordered for him and they are getting ready to move him to Cortez, CO. We don't really know how quickly, but so far it looks like we won't have to leave here in Tucson a whole year. I think it takes a couple months to get a new truck ordered and he has some training left to do before he can go. Cortez in about 1hr 45 min from his hometown Pagosa Springs, CO. As far as Cooper and I go. He is trying to master the amazing art of walking. He has also decided that wearing a ball cap like his dad is pretty cool. There is definately a differance in Cooper when Tyrel get's back from being out of town. Cooper is happier than ever and just gets so excited and shows off non-stop until bedtime. They are so cute together. I have been sick this weekend and Tyrel has been so great to spend all that time with Cooper. As far as me, nothing much. I got called to be the Mia Maid advisor in church so I get to teach the 14 and 15 year old girls!! I am so excited. I also teach the beehives until the end of the year. Well no pictures this time, sorry!