Monday, April 30, 2007

Getting Ready to Move-The Count Down Begins!!

Well as of today Tyrel has 7 more days of school!!! Tyrel graduates on May 11th, but his last day is May 9th. So I have started the packing. As you can see there of boxes on the few walls we have. There are more around that aren't in the pictures, but I am almost done. On May 12th we are moving to Oro Valley, which is pretty much Tucson,AZ. It's just North of Tucson. Tyrel will start work for Atlas Copco, which is a huge world wide company that makes industrial equipment. I think Tyrel's devision focuses on mining and water drilling equipment. So he will be a mechanic for them. We will be in Tucson for a year. They have a shop in Tucson that they want to train him at until he is good enough to run his own service truck. Once he can work out of his own service truck they said we can move to Southwest Colorodo, because they serve the four-corners and their office there is based out of Cortez, which is close to Pagosa Springs, where we want to be. So he will just work out of his truck and go to whatever job site they tell him to. We are so excited to make the next step in our lives. Tyrel is just excited to be home in the evenings and get normal sleep. Lately he has had school from 7-noon and leaves for work at 1:30pm and gets home about 1am. Cooper and I are also excited to have him home at night and to have Tyrel have more energy!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Discovering new things

Well after we got back from Colorado Cooper went crazy!! He was so happy to be back in his comfort zone that he has enjoyed exploring new corner's in the apartment and I have never seem him crawl faster. Here is a picture of his new discovery and that is the kitchen cabinets. Up until a week ago he has no desire to crawl off the carpet and then one day he studied me going from room to room and now he knows there is more than the living room carpet. When he discovered cabinets of course the first one he opened was the one with all my cleaning supplies, so I kindly directed him to the cabinet with all the tupperware!!

Slam Dunk Contest

Here are some pretty cool pictures I was able to capture of the slam dunk contest at the tournament. I know I don't know these guys, but it was pretty cool to see!!!

More Slam Dunk Contest

12 Annual Dirk and Colt Ross Basketball Tournament

This weekend we headed to Colorado for the basketball tournament. Definately wasn't a weekend for Tyrel to catch up on sleep. He played 7 basketball games in three days and late nights of cleaning up after everything, and then the drive back home on Sunday. When we first got to Colorado it snowed on us, but by Saturday it was nice and sunny. Even though neight of Tyrel's teams won this was the first year they didn't lose the first round, so that was a lot of fun!!!

12th Annual Dirk and Colt Ross Memorial Basketball Tournament

Here are some photos of the tournament this weekend. Their 6' and under team got 6th place. They won the first two games and lost the second two games. Then on their open team they won their first and lost their next two. We had a lot of fun. It was a long weekend and a bummer that neither of the teams won, but all in all it was a fun weekend of basketball.

Future Ross Tournament Stars

Here is Austin and Cooper practicing their basketball skills to get ready for the future when they are old enough to play in the tournament. Austin is Tyrel's mission companion Jeramey Lucas' little boy, who came to play in the tournament with Tyrel.

All Tuckered Out!!

Cooper did really well at the Dirk and Colt Ross Memorial Basketball Tournament, but it sure wore him out. Cooper HATES to fall asleep on someone, he loves his bed, but this weekend he learned real quick that if he wanted to sleep it was going to have to be one someone. He kept falling asleep during Tyrel's games which was really hard for me, because I couldn't cheer. I found myself mumbling and keeping my urges to cheer. He also started his phase of wanting mommy!! Not my favorite phase. I sure love him, but everytime someone was holding him if he saw me he cried until I took him. So I learned real quick to hand him off and run!! At first he was afraid of Grandpa, but warmed up to him real quick. And for some reason Uncle Coy was his favorite!! Even when he was tired he would love to hang out with Uncle Coy!

Like Father, Like Son

Well we have learned Cooper loves Mountain Dew. Well he hasn't really tasted it yet, but he sure loves the bottle. Aunt Tranell tried to trick him and have him choose between the mountain dew bottle and the pepsi bottle, but in the end he picked Mountain Dew. It will still be quite a while before he actually drinks Mountain Dew. This kid already has way too much energy, he doesn't need any help!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

A Long Awaited Goodbye

For those of you who really know Tyrel will know that he has worn the same Arizona hat since his freshman year of high school. The hat smelled so gross that when he took it off his hair was stained with it's stench. Since we have been married I have begged him over and over to throw it away and he would always so no way. Well finally all on his own by his own free will he has thrown it away, he actually place it in the garbage. And to prove it I took a picture for those family members that wouldn't beleive me that he actually did it.