Thursday, March 29, 2007

9 months

K I know Cooper is my first kid so don't worry I won't be posting pictures everytime he get's one month older. I am just board tonight and having fun learning this whole blogging thing. I haven't take any pictures of Cooper in a while so I just took these. Also he have finally got this crawing thing down. Today he actually started crawling forward!!!

Horseback Riding with Brindy

I was lucky to be able to hang out with Brindy when she got off the trail. Lanith and Brindy came up close to my house to go horseback riding with a family who had a son on the trail with Brindy. Brindy's cousin McKenzie came with us and so Brindy, McKenzie, and I rode the horses while Lanith who had no desire to get on a horse rode behind in the fourwheeler. Of course Lanith's four wheeler ran out of gas so the lady who was leading us on the horses told Lanith to get on with Brindy. When she got on the horse went up a little hill and made Lanith almost fall off and hung on for dear life while Brinday tried to keep the horse from bucking them off. Of course the one who didn't want to ride a horse is the one who almost gets bucked off.

Sportsmans Expo

Our Little Hunter

Here is Cooper in his Hunting Camo. At the Sportsman's Expo Tyrel's family set up their Hunting Outfitting Booth for Fawn Gulch Outfitters and Tyrel and his brother Cord ran the booth while Kristin, Tranell, and I hung out at the show and had a good time.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Grand Canyon

Instead of rushing back from Sedona to home we decided to take a the scenic route home and go see the Grand Canyon. It was pretty cool to see. It almost looks fake. Your depth perception is so messed up that you feel like it's a painting. I think they roll it up at night and take it in until the morning!!!


For our 2nd anniversary we headed up to Sedona. We enjoyed the sites and the peaceful feel of being out of the city. The above pictures are from the Blazin M Ranch. There were old fashion stores and we had a Chuckwagon dinner with a show of Cowboy poetry and songs.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Crawling time

Well Cooper just about has crawling down!! He is a pro at crawling backwards, but he doesn't enjoy it. As he goes backwards his toys get further and further away only getting him more and more frustrated!!! He has made some progress forward, but that only happens for something he really really wants!!


When I am too busy to take Cooper to the big kid pool he gets to play in his little baby pool!!!

The Tyrel Ross Family

Hello all!!! Well I have finally started our own blog page. Kristin told me about this forever ago and I am finally taking the time to start this. I am excited because maybe this will be my little journal on our family since I am horrible at jornaling. Right now Tyrel, Cooper and I are living in Glendale, AZ. Tyrel graduates Arizona Automotive Institute on May 11th!! Yeah we are excited to move and get a bigger place. We just went to Tucson on Saturday to start looking for a new place to live. Tyrel has taken a job with Atlas Copco which mining company or something like that. Tyrel will be working on the equipment used for mining and water drilling. A lot of Hydraulics stuff. We will be in Tucson for a year. He will be working in their shop until he is ready to put in a service truck with someone. Once he is good enough to have his own service truck we can move to Pagosa. He will work on job sites in the four corner's area and just take his service truck home every night. So it's like he'll be his own boss, but have all the perks of working for a company. It's a really great job, just too bad that we have to stick out one more year in Arizona. It's too hot!! It's already been in the high 90's!!! Which is why we have already gone swimming in March!!