Friday, January 18, 2008

Mr Fix It!!

Everyday Cooper shows me more and more how much he is like is dad. It's crazy considering his dad isn't home very often. But true story one day he layed on the floor and started checking underneath his four wheeler. Now he actually tips his four wheeler over and gets his tools and works on his four wheeler at least once a day. It just bangs the bike with his tools. It must be from all the tricks and stunts he does on it that roughs up his bike. He rarely just sits on it. He is usually standing on the seat, standing on the grill holding onto the handle bars or pulls it back to do wheelies. It's crazy that he has done this all on his own. Where does he ge these things!! His uncles would be so proud since they are always working on their toys.

Ketchup Face

K so we recently discovered Cooper's love for ketchup, which is no surprise considering his dad puts ketchup on everything and we go through a 48oz bottle every month and half. The first time we gave it to him with his fries he would just suck it off and want more. Aunt Tranell thought she could save him from this fatal path he was headed on by introducing ranch. We have to give Cooper credit he gave it a courtesy try, he put it in his mouth thought about it and then came the face that we all know and love when a child does not like something. We then hurried and dipped the fry in ketchup and it was all good.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Daddy's Little Helper

On Monday morning we woke up to a foot of snow, so Tyrel spent all morning shoveling his truck and my car out. While he was shoveling the back I sent Cooper out to help, well he thought he was helping!! Because of the weather the mine Tyrel was headed to cancelled so he ended up getting paid to stay home, which he got to do on Friday also. So we got him for four days!! It's a nice change since he is usually gone. But now back to the gone all the time and working 65hr a week!! But Cooper sure enjoyed him because all morning he has been walking around calling out for Dad and even looking out the window yelling dad. We definately got used to him being around.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's

Well we were kind of bumps on a log on New Years Eve. We both fell asleep on the couch at 9pm and woke up at 10:30pm playing a game and then got ready for bed and then turned the tv on in our bedroom, watched the ball drop, and then went to bed!! It's hard to stay awake unless you got something going on to keep you awake!! But then on New Year's day we a had a lot of fun. We woke up at abotu 7:30am and did little stuff around the house that we had been wanting to get done. Turned on football and had snacks. Then I took these adorable pictures of these two handsome men in my life!!! Tranell got Cooper this outfit for Christmas and on New year's eve we got Cooper's haircut so I thought I would get some good pics. I also thought it was so cute that Cooper wanted to help Tyrel take the garbage out and he loves to ride around on his semi. He was having so much fun on it he kids of wiped out and got a fat lip. Tranell showed up around 4pm and we drove up to Snowbowl ski area to check it out and then went to dinner at Outback. I had never been there and ever since the ribs at Tyrel's work party that is what I have been wanting and they were GOOD! I never had any cravings with Cooper, but I guess technically ribs have been one this time. I don't make Tyrel go get them, but since that party I have thought about them a lot!! Well now back into the grind of things!!! Tyrel is back on the round, but at least this is a short week! Next week will be the real back into the grind!! Hope you all had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year!! Can't wait to check out all your posts too!!

Christmas Day

Like I said we had Christmas at my sister Sarah's house. It was so fun. Her house is perfect lots of people. We had my three siblings, their spouses and 11 kids! It went very well. Especially with the hardships of trying to share new Santa toys. Cooper loved it. He acted so old just following all the kids around. We barely saw him. If the kids all ran down stairs he was right behind. He loves his cousins. With cousins and Tyrel there I was ranked 3rd. He came to me for something if he had no other choice. With dad gone so much you usually have to pry him away from Tyrel. Then on Christmas eve Tranell (Tyrel's sister) showed up to have dinner with us and when she walked in Cooper was so excited to see her and had to show her all around the house and took her down stairs to show her all the fun stuff he was playing with. I posted the John Deer blanket Tranell made him that we opened while she was there that Cooper loves, he sleeps with it every night. We played games and ate yummy food (my favorite part). I made this yummy twice backed potatoe casserole that I saw on TV while I was in the hospital and it was a huge hit!! So if you ever want that from it it's great!! Cooper loves his Santa gift his mater chair. And of course loves all the gifts that Grandma, grandpa, Spur, and Tranell spoiled him with. I think he plays with them all the same. He liked opening presents for a while, but he was too excited watching all the other kids open theirs too!! I also posted all of us after getting Santa gifts ready and slowly dozing off (what a lively bunch we were)

Christmas PJ's

We had Christmas at my sister's and my sister-in-law's tradition is to get new pj's Christmas eve so we all did it. It was hilarious. Cooper got so excited and mimiced the kids shouting with joy. Then when I opened my pj's my tag said medium, the shirt said medium and then WOW the bottoms for a 3X!!!!! So needless to say I didn't get to wear my new jammies!! I got Tyrel Bronoco bottoms, which he loves!!! Cooper is missing from all the kids in sleeping bags not quite old enough yet and not a lifer when it comes to staying up late. Then the last pictures is him and all his cousins in the morning ready to see what Santa brought!

Christmas Party

Here are some pics of Tyrel's work Christmas party. His work got us a hotel to come down to it. It was pretty fun and good food. His bosses kept reassuring me Tyrel will work closer to home (i'm not holding my breath!!).

Our New House

Well here is the outside of our new house we are renting in Flagstaff. We love to be in a house for once in our 3 years of marriage. It's 4 bedrooms, living room, family room, 2 car garage, one acre. It is even have two fenced in horse corrals. We just have a 7 mo lease. So come June we'll see where we'll be. By the spring I think we'll know more if we will be in Flagstaff for a while or if Cortez, CO is back in the picture. We can't wait to get a place of our own someday, we are trying to be patient, but know when the time is right and we stop moving we'll find a good house. I will post pictures of the interior later, maybe. I am not doing much to it since we won't be here long. It was fun this weekened though to have a house big enough to have my sibling and their kids all come and stay the night. Living in apartments no one has really wanted to come hang out with us, we always go there!!