Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Garden Update

So I have really enjoyed my garden this year and I think what has made it the best is that my friend Elizabeth is doing it with me. She comes over once a week and we weed. Now that stuff is coming on we started at 8:30am this morning weeding, then picking green beans, cucumbers, and of course zucchini. We then moved into the house to can green beans, pickles, and this yummy vegetable relish, and shred more zucchini. I now have 40 quart bags in my freezer of zucchini and Elizabeth has some (not that much yet, because she is going to pick while I am gone for the next month)and I have given some to my neighbor. We only got 5 quarts of green beans, but they are just starting to come on so we will see how many she gets done while I am gone, and 8pints of pickles (which was our first picking), and 8pints of this yummy relish. She then left at 4pm. It was a long day. But I have definitely decided canning and gardening is fun when you do it with a friend. Oh yeah I just got a text from my friend saying her mother-in-law just called her to let her know zucchini was on sale at Safeway!!! She just laughed at her and said she had it coming out her ears!!