Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hand, Foot, & Mouth Sickness

K so who has heard of this sickness? Well my friend and I hadn't at all and Cooper and her kids got it. I found Cooper had it on day 5 of a 7 day thing. It started with a fever for a couple days, which I just thought was a fever that he got from his friend and then on day 3 he kept complaining that this mouth hurt. He would take a drink and say "sick". Then he kept waking up at night crying uncontrollably and it would take me a while to get him calm enough to put back to bed. So I thought it was 1 of two things, he grinds his teeth so I thought they might be getting sensative since he cries at night and when he drinks water. Or I thought it could be his two year molars that haven't shown up yet. Well than after 3 nights of crying and trying to look in his mouth, with no luck because Cooper freaks if he is restrained in any way, I took him to the Doctor. My friend told me her boys got Hand, Foot, Mouth so I tought I would check to see if that was it so I wouldn't spread it to other kids. It's highly contagious, but not harmful. Kids can get blisters on your feet, hands, and soars in their mouth. When the doctor looked Cooper had soars on the back of his throat. But by the end of the day at the doctor Cooper's appetite was back and he drank and ate everything with occasional pain. He was also getting an ear infection too, so that was really good I went in to get some medication. So we are all healthy and pretty much every kids from 1-4 years old in our ward has had it. How fun it is when sicknesses spread!! And might I had who was the clever person who thought of the name for this sickness, a lot of thought and creativity was put into it.

Sick Sunday
Well right now Cooper, Trip, and I are hanging out while Daddy is at church. Cooper has an ear ache and this thing called foot,hand, mouth disease. He is at the tail end of it, but it's highly contangious so I didn't want to take him to nursery. We have had a fun week of him being sick. It's almost like Trip new Cooper needed more attention and he was jealous. I spent one whole day taking turns letting one kid cry while I held one and then swapped and let the other cry while I held the other. Then that night Cooper kept waking up crying from 10:30pm-2am and then just as I fell asleep Trip decided he wanted to be up from 3-5am just for fun happy as can be. He usually sleeps from about 9:30pm-6am, but no that night. Suprisingly I have stayed in a great mood and it hasnt' worn me out. I just feel bad for Cooper who has been so sick running fevers and having blister soars on his throat, and an ear ache. He just walked around the house saying "sick, sick". Here are some random picturs of Cooper's room and just

Monday, August 25, 2008

Boys Room Decorations

I just thought I would post some pictures of the decorations in Cooper and Trips room. Of course it would look way better if I was able to paint the walls and I still haven't bought the crib set I want. I will post those when I get it. I have had fun putting cowboy, country, and western stuff in there. I also posted some recent pictures I have taken. All is going well with us. Trip is getting so big and finally starting to be on some sort of sleeping schedule during the day. He pretty much sleeps through the night from about 9-6. Sometimes he wakes up at 4 to eat. Cooper is a crack up and so fun to be around. Cooper has a best friend Dylan who he pretty much asks to play with everyday. They have so much fun together. His mom Annette and I get together quite a bit lately and have a blast. Tyrel has been traveling tons being gone mon-fri which is getting really hard. I feel like a single mom sometimes. He works so hard for our family. Other than that we are all great and very very blessed.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Funny Picture

Wasn't sure if anyone caught the hilarious picture in the Alaska slideshow so I thought I would showcase it here. This was an actual sign in the bathroom stall I used in Homer, Alaska!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well on Sunday we just got back from going to Alaska with Tyrel's family. We stayed at a fishing lodge. The guys went on 4 fishing trips and caught over 500Ib of just meat. Which is kind of funny because no one in the family really likes fish. They did two deep sea fishing trips and two fresh water trips. They caught silver salmon, halibut, cod, and rock fish. Tranell, Kristin, and Loretta went on two of the trips. There was a spot for me on one trip but it was 12 hours long and i couldn't go that long without nursing Trip. We also went on the Kenai Fjords tour where we got to see whales, sea lions, sea otters, and glaciers. Us girls checked out about every gift shop in the two towns we spents most of the time in. It was gorgeous to be in Alaska again and I was bummed to be the closest I probably will ever be to the lodge I worked at and not able to make it there. All in all it was a good time and very beautiful, but it's nice to be back and have my kids on a schedule again!! Cooper slept until 10am Monday morning!!!