Sunday, July 29, 2007

Family and Cooper's 1 year Pictures

We finally got some professional pictures done. We thought they turned out pretty good and Cooper was very well behaved.

Cooper's New Trick

I thought this was cute so I took a picture. Cooper loves to look upside down. He thinks it's so funny and just laughs at himself, thought I would share it!

Great Week!!!

K so I got a call Tuesday from my best Friend Kacey that her husband was in Tucson for work and that she was going to come too!!! I have not seen Kacey since her Wedding almost 2 years ago and even then it was her wedding I didn't really get the hang out with her. I picked her up from the airport on Wed and took her back Friday night. We had so much fun. She has a 5 mo little girl and I have Cooper. It was so weird to be with her and we both have kids!! Our husband's had fun together to. We went to this old western town like place and had steak dinner and got to watch a very realistic (not) gun fight. What a nice way to break up my pretty boring week!!I wish they livd closer so could have more fun! Sorry this is the only picture I got. My camera died!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Well Saturday was my 24th Birthday!! It didn't start out that great because I pretty sick. I had a sinus and ear infection. But thanks to my wonderful husband he made me get out of bed and Tranell babysat Cooper and we went to Dinner and a movie. It was nice to get out without Cooper and by dinner time I was able to taste my food, which I hadn't been able to do for a few days. These pictures are of the flowers Tyrel brought home to me after he had to fun into work for a few hours and this picture is of Cooper and Tranell's dog Dash. Cooper loves Dash. They are about the same size so they play a lot together.

Daddy and Cooper Being Silly

The other day Tyrel was playing with Cooper and put his shirt on his head. It was hilarious because Cooper kept falling over because the shirt covered his shoulders and took away full mobility of his arms, until he could finally get the shirt off his head.

Friday, July 20, 2007

What we're up to!!

Well no pictures this post. Just thought I would do a little post about what we have been up to. If not for you then for me since I am horrible at journaling. Right now we live in Oro Valley, AZ, which is just North Tucson. So far we like it better than Glendale, AZ, but still really miss Colorado. Tyrel is working for Atlas Copco being a field service mechanic. So far he is working mostly in the shop to do some training, but will soon be on the road. Of course I am not looking forward to that part. His boss just asked him yesterday if he was ready to be on the road and how his wife felt about it. Tyrel told him his wife is fine with it. Well not really, but in order for Tyrel to really get down and dirty doing Diesel engine work he needs to be in the field. Not a lot happens in the shop and he won't be able to learn a lot there. So for that reason I am fine with it. The few times they have sent him on the road he has loved it. Also when he took the job we knew it would include traveling, but felt it was the right job for our family. They hired him also with the intensions of transfering him to Colorado in a year. I can't wait to move to Pagosa Springs, because with Tyrel traveling I rather be by family to keep me and Cooper company while he is gone. Here is Tucson I don't really know anyone. I do have family in Mesa and Cooliage, but it's kind of a drive. It is so nice though to have Tyrel done with school. When he works at the shop he works from 6am to about 4pm. So he does get home early which is a big change from his original schedule of only home fore lunch. Cooper and I are doing great at home. He cracks me up. His little personality is starting to shine. He still loves to dance and is starting to try some new moves. I already see his imaginationg starting to grow. He is starting to give rolls to the toys in his hands. He learned how to shake his head "no" even though he doesn't always quite understand when to use it or that no means stop. He'll shake his head no when he is getting into something he knows he shouldn't, but do it anyway. He has the biggest grin and the loudest laugh. He laughs at everything. It catches everyone's attention and it very contagious. He does it sparatically and over the littlest things. I had to take him out of sacrament and relif society because he laughs too much. When we visit family or friends they can't believe his laugh. He also learned to put his head on the ground and bum up in the air and look upside down. He thinks it's hilarious. He is great at entertaining himself. He will play in his room all by himself and even shut his door. Even when he is crying I still think he is cute and can't believe he's mine!! I am still processing loans for Starwest Mortgage at home. I haven't really done any in a while, due to moving and then a two week trip to Washington, and then a week trip to Colorado. Now I am finishing one and have two more on the way. They are pretty easy to do, and don't take up too much time. The only projects I have going on are scrapbooking, which I love, and kind of decorating my apartment. I didn't do anything in the last one knowing we were moving. Even though I know we are moving in a year here also, I was just bored of white walls so I had to do something. Well that is enough for now. Our little family is doing great and couldn't be happier!!! Hope all of you are your families are doing great too!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Grandma and Grandpa's Ranch

Cooper had fun out on Grandma and Grandpa Ross' ranch. He had fun swimming in the horses watering tank, crawling around in the dirt, and he LOVED the dogs and cat. What he didn't like at all were the horses, 4-wheeler, or tractors. Pretty much anything that makes loud noises or is really big he was afraid of. It's okay though he will get used to it soon enough.


After the parade we took Cooper on a couple Carnival rides. He did not like them at all. Especially the merry go round, it might have had something to do with it being way past nap time, but I guess we'll have to wait until he's older.

4th of July Parade

He are some pictures of the fun annual Pagosa Springs 4th of July parade. It was a pretty hot day, a lot nicer than Arizona, but still hot.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Cooper - The BIG 1!!!!

Cooper wasn't sure at first what to think of his cake. Once he got frosting on his hands he wasn't sure what to do, but then once he tasted it he knew exactly what to do with it!!

Cooper and Mom

I forgot to post these with the lake pictures. Here are a couple of pictures of me and Cooper on the beach and on my mom and dad's boat.

Birthday Boys

Well at my sister Sarah's house we celebrated Cooper's, Ian's, and Carson and Jackson's b-days. All four cousins had their birthday's this weekend. Cooper 28th, Ian 30th, and Carson and Jackson July 1st. There is actually one more cousin up in Washington that filled in the gap and her Birthday was the 29th. So four in a row!!

Real B-Day

Well poor Cooper got to spend his 1st Birthday in a car all day driving back from Washington!!! My sister Lea Ann her 3 boys and me and Cooper drove back to Arizona from Washington. We did it in about 25 hours with about a 3 hour stop in St.George to visit my Uncle K and of course food, gas, and poddy breaks. Most of it was at night. We left at 7:30pm on Wed night and got to Mesa at about 9pm the next day. We stopped at Burger King to let the kids run around and I thought it being Cooper's B-Day I would take a picture with this crown on showing that I didn't forget about his big day. All of the kids did great, but we were all very happy to be home!!

My Mom and Dads

Well Thursday Night I just got back from being in Washington for almost 2 weeks. My Mom and Dad live on Badger Lake in Cheney,WA. We got to spend a week there just relaxing. Here are some pictures of Cooper playing in the water with his cousins.

Sleeping Boy

It cracks me up whenever Cooper falls asleep, especially in his car seat he sleeps with his arms above his head. I thought I would post one of the many pictures I have of him sleeping like this