Tuesday, April 29, 2014

9th Anniversary

Tyrel and I just celebrated 9 years!!  This year we kept the anniversary pretty simple.  It was on a Tuesday so we just went out to dinner and a nice evening talking about our family.  It has been a wonderful 9 years and love how our lives have turned out.  We are more in love than day 1and can't wait to spend many more years together!! 


We didn't get much snow this year so we have very limited pictures.  I know a took a few videos of the boys trying out Cooper's snowboard sled, but must have not taken pictures.  We only got to go out as a family once sledding and a few us at a friends house.  Too bad considering Cooper got two new sleds and a new snow coat for Christmas.

Peyton Turns 4!!

Peyton turns 4!!  I sure love this girl!!  She definitely keeps you on your toes.  She is happy and energetic and bubbly and so fun to be around as long as she gets her way.  She is one strong willed girl that knows exactly what she wants. She loves to constantly dance and sing as she goes about her day.  She loves to treat Rowdy has her own person live doll whether Rowdy wants to or not.  She loves her brothers and does whatever she can to keep up with them.  I think in the process she is harder on her clothes than both her other brothers combined.  She is go go go until her head hits the pillow and no matter what we are doing she always has a different idea of how we could do it.  We had the Balfour family join us at the Durango Rec center to celebrate her birthday. 

Christmas break and new years

 Largest Live Christmas Tree in the Country
 Not pretty but the first picture of the new year

Christmas break in Arizona was fun as always. Lots of family and fun.  We stayed at Sarah's, then Nate and Carrie came, Adam and Susanne, and Lea Ann and Walt.  My kids are always in heaven when they get to spend time with cousins

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is so fun with kids. I love seeing their excitement.  Rowdy jumped out of my arms when he saw his car.  Poor Peyton was super sick and had a hard time getting up to play with her new stuff but wanting badly to lay down with a high fever. After we let her sleep for a while we loaded up the car and headed to Arizona to spend Christmas break.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we spent it signing up to stand in our Stake's Live Nativity.  It was so fun.  You sign up for an hour to dress up and wave at cars going by dressed up as the Nativity.  The kids had fun and even enjoyed sitting there waving to cars.  It was cold but a neat thing to be a part of.  Then of course the yearly picture of the kids in their new jammies setting out cookies and milk for santa and water and carrots for the reindeer. Here Cooper is 7,Trip 5, Peyton 3, Rowdy 13mo.

Night in Bethleham

This year I was in charge of Night in Bethlehem.   It turned out so wonderful!!  The booths and the gym looked amazing.  But what was the most amazing was the primary program.  Before the program we took some of the children outside and took pictures of them dress up as the nativity characters. So Mary dressed up on a real donkey, Joseph and Mary in a stable with animals around them, the shepards out in the fields, stuff like that.  A lady in our ward even photo shopped camels in with the wisemen.  Then during the program the children dressed up as angels and during the narration and their singing we had a slide show going on above their heads of the pictures of the children acting out the nativity story.   It turned out so pretty and wonderful.  One of counselors said she did it in another ward and she owns a donkey so we just took off from there!!