Wednesday, May 28, 2008


First of all this is Cooper's new toy. It's really his birthday present, but we didn't want to wait until the end of June to get it. He cracks me up. He likes to go up the rock climbing side, but he just uses one foothold and then pulls himself up!!

2nd of all I am officially off of bedrest!! Yeah 10 weeks and kind of this week and now I am on the home stretch. Of course now I bet I won't be having this baby until my due date!! About a week ago my contractions started feeling different and I metioned to it Tyrel and said how they feel like they are pushing into my lungs and I can't breathe. So I didn't think much about it and today at the Dr. she was measuring my stomach while I was having a contraction and said oh you are having a braxton hix (spelling?) because I feel it pushing up in your lungs. real contractions tighten everywhere and that is what helps push the baby down. So now I am bummed, beause they aren't realy contractions. She said that is normal at the end because my body has started to get used to the contractions. So we'll see. I am doing anything and everything to try and get this baby out. Also one more thing they measured the baby on an ultrasound and his head is like in the 90 something percentile. LUCKY ME!!! Good thing I get an epidural!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby Update!! 11DAYS!!

Well I have officially started my countdown of when I get to go off bedrest. 11 DAYS!!! Well actually starting this Saturday if I go into labor they won't stop my contractions and she said normally they would let someone go off bedrest then, but since I have 3-4contractions an hour laying down and they start up quick when I'm sitting up or standing she prefer I don't really do much until next Saturday since she thinks I'll go into labor fairly quick. So next week she said if I want to go out to dinner or something that would be fine. I also got to go off the yucky medication they've had me on since I am having contractions taking it. She said to take it if my contractions pick up. It's crazy I have spent so much thought and effort into not going into labor that I just realized in a few weeks we are going to have a baby!!!! I am excited!! I can't wait to see what he'll look like. Of course getting into shape again will be a rough road since I have been on bedrest for 9 weeks already so my muscles are defiantely weak!! My arms get tired putting on make-up.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

April Showers Bring May Snow?!!!

So I thought I would post a picture of what we woke up to yesterday morning!!Can you beleive it!! I had to make a footprint outline of our driveway so when I backed out of the garage I didn't go into either ditch on the side of the driveway that I could see at all everything was just white!! It staye most of the day, but not all has melted away!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

K well these flowers aren't for mother's day, but Tyrel did get me a pot of mini roses and a shiatsu message chair for mother's day. These flowers in the picture are from a couple weeks ago. Tyrel had them delivered just because. He feels bad that I am on bedrest for so long and is proud that I stay down to keep this baby in. They are so pretty. I have such a great husband. He was great for mother's day too, but really he has been cleaning house, taking care of Cooper, running errands, and waiting on me whenever he's home. So it's like mother's day every weekend. I am been so blessed to have a husband do so much during this time and not comlain one bit. Also Tyrel brought me the mother's day gift home from church which was a flower, a cute story, and a 12"x14" picture of the new 1st presidency. I am so excited I have been wanting a new one, of course my old one was 8x10 so now I need to get a new frame too. Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day too!!

Suprise Visit

Well Tyrel called me at 6am on Thursday to go pick up his Dad and Coy who broke down about 10 min from our house and their truck didn't get fixed until late afternoon Friday. Tyrel was also home on Friday because Thursday he hit 70 hours and with a CDL legally can't work more than 70hrs in a row. So Cooper and I had some good company this last weekend. On Friday morning Tyrel put Cooper in Grandpas lap to watch a show and he fell asleep!! It was crazy! First of all he had only been up for like a hour so it wasn't even nap time and second of all my son falling aleep in your lap, never!! The only time he has fallen asleep on me is when he's running a high fever! He slept on Grandpa for over an hour. It was so cute!! I also took this cute picture of Cooper in one of Tyrel's Cowboy hats. Cooper had a blast with Grandpa and of course Uncle Coy who we have seen a lot of lately and taught at least two new words to Cooper everytime he visits. His latest is Sponge Bob, which is funny because Cooper won't even watch Sponge Bob, but uncle Coy does so that makes it cool to him. I can get Cooper to say anything or eat anything if uncle Coy says it or eats it. We were glad to have the suprise vistors!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

34 Weeks!!

I can't beleive I have been on bedrest for 8 weeks!! Crazy uh!! My contractions have picked up, but I just go in I get a shot, they monitor me and then I get to go home. I hate going in, but the little voice in the back of my mind says if you wait to long you could have this baby and as tempting as that is, it's also very selfish, so I go in for a few hours and then get to come home. Last night I told Tyrel to just stay home with Cooper and I would just go in alone and call if something changed. We are so blessed to have come this far and as old as bedrest is getting and really have to lay down all day not even sit up that much, we are very grateful that bedrest is working. Speaking of which I better go lay down, because I really hate going into the hospital now.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Learning a New Game

Well today was gorgeous out, no wind today, which is a big deal for where we live. I was especially glad it was a good day because Tyrel was home and Cooper had someone to play with him outside. So we busted out the kid horseshoe set. I thought I got some way cute pictures. Like our beautiful grass?!! I guess in our are where we live no one has grass because the water is way expensive. Our neighbor said just to water his tiny patch of grass and his trees and plant costs him about $250 a month, so if someone does have grass it's just a little square. Bummer uh? This area doesn't have city water is has well water.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Yeah 33 weeks!!

I can't believe I have been on bedrest for 7 weeks already!! Yes I am stir crazy, but at the same time it's been 1mo and half since this fun all started!! I have like 3-4 weeks for bedrest ahead and then I am done!! I did have to go the hospital Thursday afternoon and got to come home Friday, because my contractions picked up and I couldn't get them to stop so that was a bummer, but having to go to the hospital really makes me behave at home, because I really don't have to go back unless I am in the safe zone and am having the baby!! I was behaving on Thursday, but for some reason started contracting every 7-10 min. At the hospital they gave me some medicine and got them back down to 2 an hour which is what I normally have so they let me come home after enough nagging by me. Baby is doing well and has dropped a little so we'll see how much longer he hangs in there!!

Pics from this weekend!!

The other morning Tyrel was trying to head to work, but Cooper just cuddled right up to him and wouldn't get down, which is a big deal for Cooper because he is not he biggest cuddler, but he knew daddy was trying to leave and couldn't resist holding his boy.

With things being so busy and me being on bedrest I try to get someone to take Cooper to the park every once in a while to get him out of the house. He loves it, especially when Daddy or Uncle Coy takes him. He loves Uncle Coy. He copies everything he does and says, which if you know Coy that should make you a little nervous!!! He's asked for Coy at least once a day since he left and of course Tranell's dog Dash.

The Big Move

Well last week and weekend was crazy!! We moved. How did we do it you ask considering I am on bedrest?!! Well first of all Loretta (tyrel's mom) and Coy (his brother) came down here last Wednesday night to help out. Coy broke his arm so his job was to play with Cooper while I went from room to room with Loretta giving her direction. The main packing was the kitchen. Tyrel had already done the office and little stuff here and there. Then on Saturday our ward for church was a huge help!!! There were about 10-15 guys with trucks and a moving truck that showed up at 9am to move stuff over and then as I was at the new house directing traffic 6 women from our ward showed up to unpack my stuff. I was not expecting that so I had them unpack the kitchen, bathroom, and they set up the beds and made them. I was finally able to convince them to leave and that we would be fine. By the way this all happened in 2 hours!!! Can you believe it. Then by Sunday night between Tyrel and my in-laws everything was unpacked and put where it belongs!! Tyrel's sister also showed up Sunday to help. Then on Monday Loretta, Tranell, and two ladies in the ward showed up to clean the old house!! Then Tuesday everyone headed home. I was so humbled this weekend. I could not believe all the help we had!! It was incredible. I am no idea how to properly thank everyone that helped!! So if anyone has any good ideas for me let me know. I have no idea how things would have gotten done with me not being able to lift anything. How do people survive without family and friends and the church?!! I kept telling my mother in law that if she was too busy to help that would be fine, but after this weekend I don't know how I would have gotten in done without her.