Thursday, April 23, 2009

Denver Zoo

Well today we went to the zoo with Tyrel's cousin Haley and her two boys and a new friend I met at McDonald's named Carrie and her boy Trevon who is Cooper and Rowen's age and an 18mo old little girl names Jayden. It was a beautiful hot day. The three older boys had a blast checking out all the animals and running off together while us mom's tried to not lose them. The last picture with all three boys looking at the camera was taken at the beginning and we knew that was the only picture we were going to get with all three looking at the camera!! Thanks Haley and Carrie for a fun day!! I LOVE WHEN THE WEATHER GETS NICE!!

Dirk and Colt 14th Annual Memorial Basketball Tournament

Well last weekend we headed to Pagosa Springs for the basketball tournament. It was so much fun. I was starting to worry about how long the weekend was going to be when Cooper kept throwing fits Thursday night because he wanted to play, but thanks to Tyrel's wondering cousins I didn't see Cooper at all on Friday or Saturday!! Four of Tyrel's cousins about 12-14 years old play with Cooper non-stop. I kept telling them they didn't have too, but they kept asking if they could take him outside or do this or that. Cooper had so much fun!!! He was still running around up and down the court at 11pm on Sat. Thank you to his cousins!! Tyrel also play 8 games in three days. His open team lost out and his 6' and under team place 6th. (Yes I said 6' and under, or I mean 6'2" and under.) Tyrel is the marker for the max height!! He had fun, but is still recovering. I haven't been able to get him up at 6am to work out. Of course I haven't either. We went to bed between 12 and 1 wed-sun. We never do that and I can't handle that anymore. Trip was great. And I was grateful my kids behaved so I could help Loretta out in the consessions whenever the guys weren't playing. It was fun to see all of his brother's get to play on one team for the 3rd year in a row even though I feel bad for Spur because he's 6'4" and only gets to play on one of the teams! Sorry not many basketball pics my camera is horrible at action shots!! I do have a way cute picture of Cooper with his four cousins that play with him,but that was on Troy's camera!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Sunday was a great day. Cooper finally got his first white shirt and tie. He looked so handsome and had a huge grin on his face that he got to look like dad and wear a tie!! I was wearing a nice spring dress, but thanks to Trip I didn't make it to church in it. Sacrament was wonderful where the speakers tried to explain Easter to the primary children. Even Cooper listened. We then came home and had a nice ham dinner as a family. We then had a lesson on the Savior by using objects that represented the tomb,spices that covered the Saviors body, a nail, a twig with leaves- the garden, an empty plastic egg- an empty tomb, etc. We were going to do Ressurection Rolls, but I was missing an ingrediant. So that I guess we will do next year.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Bunny Saturday

Tyrel and I were discussing what our easter traditions were going to be. Growing up Tyrel remember's easter egg hunts and baskets. I only remember one Easter Hunt when I was 7 or 8. I guess my mom never wanted to do hunts, but my dad did, so he won out once in a while. Since I can't find anyway that the Easter bunny related to the Savior, I only see how it relates to spring. So we decided to start a traditon in our family to have the Easter Bunny come on Saturdays to celebrate spring and Sunday will be a nice dinner and a lesson on the atonement. We haven't done the lesson yet, so I will just tell about Saturday. It started out by the easter bunny coming to our house and leaving a couple toys for the boys and hiding eggs around the house. Cooper woke up and after he looked at his basket he searched the house for the hidden eggs. Then we had breakfast and I found in the paper a local church having an easter egg hunt so we crashed that. Cooper had a blast. They were allowed 60eggs a piece all filled with candy!!! We didn't stay there long because Trip has been really sick. He threw up all over GNC in the mall and then at home and then all over in his crib that night and since Thursday has had non-stop diarhea. I mean I changed 5 diapers during church today and Trip went home in one of Cooper's pullups that luckily was in my bag!! Then when we got back from the easter egg hunt we had lunch and then dyed easter eggs. Luckily no major dye stains!! We then spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Cooper's easter bunny loot. He got the "Let's Go Fishing Game" and a tee ball set. I am so glad we did all the Easter Bunny stuff on Saturday. It ended up just being a really fun family day.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Food Storage Made Easy

Hey Everyone, check out the awesome link to the left called Food Storage Made Easy. My sister-in-law Kristin sent it to me and so far it looks pretty cool. I haven't checked everything out, but there is tons of info. Thanks Kristin!!


So I need some tips from everyone. Right now we are grateful to be in this condo and near Tyrel, but now we are struggling with what to do with our time. They clean this condo for us every other week and the weather has been crummy, so I figured this would be the one time in my life where I could really focus on doing things with my boys with no distractions. So do any of you have tips for what to do with a busy toddler. He is still only 2 and his attention span is almost non-existant. I try to read to him and he only last about 30sec. I pull out crafts and almost as soon as it's all set up he's done. I have tried working with him and the alphabet and he repeats like 3 letters and he's done. We have no problem keeping busy outside, he could play outside all day, but I need help doing stuff inside. I am trying to get a variety of creative ideas to rotate that are new and exciting. When he does do something new I can usually keep his attention for like 5 min-10min the first few times. Like the first few times he cut and colored contruction paper he did it forever, now maybe like 2min. I can also think of tons of things to do when he gets a little older, but I need some help now. Thanks!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

What I love about having boys

* How they have to step in a mud puddle everytime they see one
* No matter how much you wrestle with them, they always want more
* Dirt equals hours of fun
* Cuddle what is that?
* No matter how tired they are they go,go,go until they pass out
* Anything two inches off the ground has to be jumped off of
* They ask for food all day and then when you put dinner in front of them they won't eat
* No matter how much I do for them, dad is still they're favorite (except when sick)
* You think you know where they are and then you turn around and they're gone
* You can never have too many balls for them to play with
* They can name all the specific kind of trucks and tractors
* They want to be held, but wiggle the whole time you hold them
* Storytime - yeah right!!
* Clothes may be harder to find, but I know I spend less because of it
* They get the coolest toys, I guess that makes up for girls getting better clothes
* They give me the best hugs
* They remind me so much of their dad

Monkey Business

Well today the boys and I met up with Tyrel's cousins and their boys at this indoor play area called monkey business. It had just opened Monday and the boys had a blast. Tyrel's cousin Haley has two boys the same age as Cooper and Trip and then his other cousin Karri has a little boy named Luke who is 2. The pictures are not that great, because seriously how can you take pictures of 3 toddlers running around at an ultimate playground?!! The nice thing is though is Cooper has been asleep for 3 hours and still going!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So I finally have internet!! Yeah!! I am so excited to keep better updates on my blog!! So now I just need to start taking more pictures again!! I am pretty much in Aurora,CO with Tyrel in the condo and we are having a blast!