Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Washington Summer of 2013

Preparing snacks for the journey

 All smiles getting ready to hit the road. 
Still smiles after two days in the car and a few minutes from Grandma and Grandpa's!!

When we pulled up to Grandpa and Grandma's the kids realized the next day was Sunday so they headed straight to the lake before the sun went down
All of us at Silverwood

Cooper's first and last roller coaster. He hated the way it made his tummy feel!!
The log ride was more his pace!!

All these boys are great together!!

Trip tubing

The first few days I was there my parents and I were taking care of my 4kids and 6 other boys
 Rowdy just hanging out

 Lanith came down with some of here kids, Cassi and Ryan their kids, and the 8 kids we already had there

 My little cowgirl!!
 Getting ready to watch despicable me 2 with lots of cousins
 My older and wiser sister
 A few days with Jason and Kimberly's kids
 Cooper's lip ran into a baseball!!!
 Cass and I.  We had a blast together
 A great time with my mom
 Yeah we got a picture with my parents!! My kids usually  mutiny when I try and get one
 A short stop at Derrick and Amy's on my way home

Our trip to Washington was awesome!! Sadly Tyrel wasn't able to make it because of his new job.  So I packed up the car with the four kids and headed to Washington on my own!!  The kids did awesome in the car!! They were incredible!  We had fun at the lake, playing with lots of cousins, going to Lanith's theater, Silverwood, and just lots of laughs!!  My kids have so much fun with their cousin's that they talk about it all year until they see them again!

Ouray with the Vreekens

We took off for a weekend and headed to Ouray!!  The Vreeken's decided to join us.  It was a fun couple days.  We went on some cool hikes to some waterfalls. Enjoyed the hot springs pool, taking the Gondola up to Telluride and the kids got to have a blast together. 

Fourth of July Weekend

As always fourth of July in Pagosa was a blast.  Morning breakfast at the church, parade, carnival, miniature golf, and playing at the park.  The weather was great and family fun.