Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rowdy's blessing

Rowdy is number 57 to be blessed on this blanket!!

My kids actually cooperated for this pictures!!

                                                           4 Generation Picture
Dad and Rowdy!!
We blessed Rowdy this last sunday.  It was a great day.  We had Tyrel's three brothers, sister in law, their 3 kids, parents, and his grandparents come over for the blessing. 
For my records here is a summary of the blessing.  March 17th, 2013, Cortez, Co 4th ward. The blessing circle included- Tyrel, Troy, John, Cord, Coy, Bishop Cook, Brother Norman Largo, Brother Andy Brock, Glen Edwars, and Rusty Bauer. 
A summary of the blessing was. Rowdy Kent Ross, Healthy, Strong, will strive to choose the right, be good example to peers, a leader, will follow the good example of this older siblings, virtuous, will make wise in decisions. Will go on a mission and married in the temple. Be stawlart spirit, and will shine forth.
We came home afer church and had a yummy dinner and a good time visiting. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Craft Bug

Crafty would not be a word I would describe myself.  But every once in  a while I come across an idea I want to try.  First was valentin'e for Cooper's class.  As cute as they were they were tedious.  After I put the first one together I wondered what I got myself into and wanted to quit. But I didn't!! Then my kids kept asking for a chore chart. So I found this idea on pinterest. I love them, They are magnetic and I pick their jobs for the day and they can move them from the "do" column to the "done" column.  It's been about a month since they've had them and they are still eager to do their chores and I require them to unload dishwasher, vaccuum, wash windows, feed animals, pick up toys, sweep, and separate clothes for laundry and many more!!

8 wonderful years!!

Between Tyrel's new job and Valentine's Day was also our 8th Anniversary!!  It was a great week.  The day's before Valentine's Tyrel and I got to drop the older three kids off and Grandma's and head up to Denver to take it work truck back.  We dropped it off and then were able to spend an evening going out to dinner and a movie! It was so great to spend an acutal Valentine's together!!  This picture is of the flower's Tyrel had delivered on our anniversay.  I am so grateful for my wonderful husband and the many more anniversaries to come!!!

Tyrel's Suprise Party


Well after 6 years of traveling for work Tyrel has finally got a new job close home.  After much fasting and prayer over the years we finally had our prayers answered. He is working as a field mechanic for Wagner CAT out of Durango, CO.  They had offered him a job a couple times but never offered him what we needed. Then after the first of the year they called again and offered Tyrel all we needed for him to accept the job.  We are so excited. Our friends were so excited too that they wanted to throw him a party!!  So we made it suprise party.  We had about 14 adults and about 23 kids there.  Tyrel was very suprised and mostly humbled that we would do that for him and that our friends were excited for us too.  It was a fun night of yummy food, cake, and games.  So far Tyrel has worked at his new job for two weeks. We love having him home everynight.  We still can't believe it.  We get to have dinner together most every night. He has gotten hom at 5 most night and then some after 8.  He still works out in the field, but the travel isn't far and will be home almost every night.  His radius of travel is not more than 2 hours most of the time.  He is gone all week this week but that is for some training.  I love having him home even if that means we are up at 5am to get him out the door for work. 

Girls will be Girls

Peyton and her friend Lacie playing dress up!!

Rowdy's 2mo pictures

Peyton turns 3!!

As Peyton's birthday neared and her and I discussed cake there was really one main word she used to describe what she wanted "PINK"  I tried with the help of pinterest to find all different cakes and if it wasn't pink she wanted nothing to do with it. We then found an idea for this princesss castle cake and she was sold and would not be persuaded to do any other kind of cake! So I finally embraced the pink and went all out.  Even the inside of the cake was pink.  Tyrel's mom and dad, my sister-in-law Kristin and her kids came over to have Pizza and cake with us. She was thrilled it was her Birthday, but would not admit to being 3. She would either say she wants to stay 2 or would say she was 4. She even randomly told me in the car that she doesn't want to be like a mom she just wants to stay as she is!!  She got a full new waredrobe of clothes for her birthday with the help of Grandma, Aunt Tranell, and myself.  After all her boy cousin's were forced to eat a pink princess cake they took off with their dad's uncles and grandpa to moster truck!!  Us girl's went shopping and Peyton had a blast with Grandma pushing her own cart around and asking me to buy various items!!

New Years 2013

For New Years my sister Sarah and her four kids came to visit.  It was a blast hanging out with them for a few days and playing in the snow.  Her kids live in Arizona so they were thrilled to play in the snow all day every day!! For New YEar's eve we had our friends Sarah and Brian over and their four kids. We had a fun night of yummy food and games.  Hopefully great things come in 2013!!