Thursday, May 24, 2012

He's 4!!

Ok well not officially 4 until Wednesday, but we celebrated Trip's 4th birthday Sunday. It was the only day Tyrel was going to be home until June 3rd. So we had some people over for dinner including Tyrel's family and enjoyed the weather. It was a nice evening. On the plus side too the cake was all gone!! I hate left over cake. It ends up in the trash! Trip wanted a monster truck cake. So there was my attempt. What I picture in my head and what it actually looks like always end up being 2 separate things! And then last year and this year Trip did not blow out his candles because the attention of everyone signing happy birthday to him and all eyes on him is too much and he ends up crying! So here is for hoping he can blow out his candles next year!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Kids and Mud!

This is what happens when mom get's distracted doing yard work! It made for some cute pictures, but no so fun clean up!!


I love my kids playing sports, but I am so glad April is over!! As you know I live pretty far out of town and I try to go only once or twice a week. Well between, soccer, tball, and normal errands I was going at least every day of the week!! But it is still fun to see the boys in their sports. They love being out there playing. The only thing they didn't love was when the other one got to play! Now that soccer is over, it's just tball for the next two months. But that isn't bad because Cooper only has a game once or twice a week and his practices are done!