Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rocky Point, Mexico

Well we just got back from our 2nd annual Rocky Point Memorial Weekend Trip. My sister Sarah, Lea Ann, and my brother Nate, their spouses and kids all rented a beach house together again this year. There was a total of 10 kids. We all had a blast. We left on Thursday and got back on Monday. Tyrel didn't get to come until late Friday night. We had a lot of fun playing in the water, sea shell hunting, going to church at the local branch, horeshoes, and lots of games after the kids went to bed. It was a good weekend to have especially since Tyrel left at 5am for two weeks for work!! :( His job said it's very rare to be gone that long. In the future when he leaves town it will be 3-5 days, not TWO WEEKS!! It was so nice to get away and have fun with family. The only bad part of the trip was sitting in line at the border for 4 hours!!!! The memorial traffic to get back was horrible. We only waited 30min last year and we only left an hour later than last year and it ended up costing us 4 hours in line!!

Fun in the Sand

Cooper loved to play in the sand and with his cousins!!! Of course he ate a little sand too, but not to much. He had fun trying to take his cousin's beach toys from them. We have fun playing horse shoes in the sand also. In the cousin's picture that is the only one where we got Cooper not crying. Everytime all the kids yelled cheese it made him cry. Cooper doesn't do too well with loud noises!!

Fun in the Water

Cooper loved the ocean. He kept crawling out into the ocean. I would have to stop him as the water kept getting deeper. He loved when the waves came in and chased him.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Well we are finally moved to TUCSON!! YEAH!!! We love our new apartment. It's almost as twice as big as our last one. It's so nice for Cooper to have his own room. Now that he has his own room he actually sleeps through the night, thanks to us not waking him up when we go to bed. Our new neighborhood is so nice. Well Tyrel doesn't start his new job until Monday so this week we just unpacked and the last two days we went on some sight seeing. These pictures are on our way into the Colossal Cave. I have really enjoyed seeing Tyrel this week. Probably the most I have gotten to hang out with him ever. A lot of laughing this week as we unpack and just hang out, I am bummed to get back into the grind on Monday, but I am grateful Tyrel will get home about 5:30 instead of 1am!!

Colossal Cave

It was nice to get out of the heat and explore the colossal cave. The guide said that Cooper was the best behaved of any infant on all of his tours. He couldn't believe it. The picture of all of us is at the altar where many couples were married in the early 1900's. The picture of the stairs is on the way up to the altar. People are still married in the cave, but in a larger area. Then the other picture of just the cave if you look right is a picture of a frog playing a piano (you got to use your imagination). It was easy to see in real life.

La Posta Quemada Ranch

After we went through the cave we went down to this ranch and took a few fun pictures. Once again it was very hot so we didn't stay long. Gotta love Arizona in the summer!! The picture of Tyrel's shadow is the human sundial. I stood there first and off my shadow guessed it was 1:15pm and when Tyrel checked his watch it was 1:12pm. Pretty cool uh?!! So I had to get a picture with Tyrel standing there too. All you had to do was stand on the month where you see Tyrel's feet and look at where your shadow is.

Sabino Canyon

We decided to explore the new area here and we went to Sabino Canyon and took a tram ride up the canyon. All we can say was it was HOT!!!!! It was fun to get out and see something new, but the desert is definately a different kind of beautiful. They said we could hike, but we decided it was way to hot, so we were baby's and rode the tram back.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fun With Cousins

Cooper had a lot of fun in the baby pool with cousin's Max and Ian (my sis Lea Ann's kids). Max and Ian were very careful and took care of Cooper to make sure he had toys and had fun dumping water on him. Cooper had a blast until he tried to grab some grass and did a flip out of the pool!!!

Splish Splash

Well yesterday and today I took Cooper to some splash parks. He didn't really like them. All the noise and kids running everywhere makes him cry. I just think he needs to toughen up. Yesterday we went to Tempe Town Lake Splash Park with Lea Ann (my sister) and Carrie (sister-in-law) and their kids. Cooper just started to warm up to the park just as we were getting ready to leave. Then today my friend Meggan and I went to a splash park in our area that was a lot smaller and of course Cooper cried and latched onto me again and then he started to warm up to it a little bit just as we were leaving. I just need to keep taking him places like that to get used to kids.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Lately Cooper is hungry all the time and if he had his way would eat all day long. He loves food, (wonder where he get's that? DAD)!!! Between the two of them they are going to eat my out of a house. I am constantly making different meals for him and dad. Can't wait until he can eat all the food that dad can. Do you mother's out there feed your child like every 2-3 hours still that have kids around Cooper's age. I feel like I am always feeding him. He's not chubby at all or anything. He just plays and then get's really whinny and the only thing that makes him happy is food. He's gets so excited when I put food on his tray or if I am eating he comes up to me and wants a bite. I thought babies are supposed to eat less frequent as they get older not more frequent. I am sure though it has something to do with how he is constantly on the move. Even when I am holding him his legs are kicking and he won't hold still.


Cooper is loving all the boxes I have packed, because now he has more objects to walk around with. He loves to pull himself up and move from box to box. He is getting very brave with letting go of one box to move to something else. And if your wondering why I posted a picture with his pj's down to his knees is because he keeps pulling himself up on stuff it slowly pull's his pj's down. I was in the kitchen and he came around the corner cruisin, didn't even phase him that he had his pants in the way!!!

I love my mouth!!!

Cooper has always drooled a lot!!! His new found love of his mouth is sticking is tongue way out and also blowing his lips together. I was lucky to catch his tongue out. He does it all the time, I just forget to get my camera out when he does it. He is always soaked and his new love of blowing his lips together has helped add to his already soaked shirts.