Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Cooper and Trip are literally each others best friend. They play so well together and lately really well. From the second they wake up to when they go to bed they play non-stop. They have have bunk beds but end up sleeping in the same bed. Even the last few nights I have been putting them to bed at 8pm and I keep having to go into their room and turn off the lights until 9:30pm because they keep wanting to play together. I finally got these pictures off my cell phone. Two of them I took today. But my favorite one is the top one. Trip was upset and Cooper was trying to cheer him up and take him over to the horses to feed them grain. Luckily I got my phone out in time to get a picture before they stopped walking like that. There was about three weeks last month where they were not getting along. It drove me nuts, because I was used to them playing together. But luckily they are back to being buds. I am so proud of Cooper for being such a good big brother and being so patient with a little brother.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


So last week Tyrel took the week off to get some stuff done around the house before winter. I know it sounds crazy doing work outside all week, but having Tyrel around home for a week was a blast. It was better than a lot of vacations. Just to eat dinner together as a family, have him to hang out with at night, and have my boys hang out with their dad was the best!! We did a lot of projects and had a little fun too!! Tyrel finished insulation my storage shed, split tons of wood, replaced roof screws, put some trim up in Peyton's room, and tons of little things here and there. I worked a a new table Loretta had given us. I refinished it and I love it!! I have been wanted a bench a table forever, I think they work awesome with kids and it fits the style of my kitchen. Troy and Loretta also came up on day to see one of Cooper's soccer games. It was also great for Tyrel to see a couple of Cooper's games. Now next is another great week with my sister in Arizona!!