Sunday, August 20, 2017

Father's Day 2014

This year for Father's Day the kids gave Tyrel a framed picture that says "I want to be just like dad when I grow up"!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Boat Launch

In Mrs. Stone's 2nd grade class Cooper got to build a boat with whatever materials he could find.  Tyrel was lucky enough to be home to go to his boat launching!!

(For some reason this posted out of order. But this was supposed to be posted after school started in fall of 2014. Cooper was in 2nd grade at Lewis Arriola.)

Another School Year

Another school year begins! Cooper 3rd grade, Trip 1st, and Peyton Kindergarten! They were all thrilled to start another year at Lewis-Arriola Elementary!  I of course was thrilled to only have two kids at home for the first time in 5 1/2 years (since Peyton was born)!!  Rowdy was trilled to have his siblings home and couldn't wait to meet them off the bus!! Coooper had Mrs. Brenner, Trip had Mrs Ramos, and Peyton had Ms. Ramsey. I got a picture of them in their classroom. But not Trip. He was excited to go and I knew if he saw me he would get nervous.

Setting up hunting Camps 2015

We try to at least get the boys up to help set up hunting camp at least once a year.  Cooper, Trip, Jayton, and  Colby have a blast together in the mountains on their horses!!

Groundhog with the Balfours Summer 2015

Our good friends Brian and Sarah Balfour invited us to their cabin up a groundhog reservoir. So with their 5 kids and our 5 kids we packed up and headed to the mountains.  The kids have a blast together and get another so well.  It was a great couple days enjoying the peace and quiet of the mountains. I tried to ignore and sleep well knowing there was a snake nest in the rocks outside my door.  But we had fun exploring, laughing, eating yummy food, and playing games.

BMX Summer of 2015

Another fun year of BMX.  Trip improved a lot this year.  He loves the sport! He played baseball but anxiously waited for it to be over so he could get on the track.  The track was next to the baseball field and when the first races started you could see his gaze move from the baseball field to the track. This summer he also hit his 10th win so he moved from him beginner status to intermediate.  This summer also Rowdy got in a few strider races.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bradfield Bridge Camping , Dolores, Colorado

We were able to squeeze in one camping trip this summer.  It was so fun to eat camp food, swim, play games, and get dirty!!