Thursday, April 26, 2012


Easter was a lot of fun this year. After church we head to Tyrel's Aunt's house for Easter dinner. There was a lot of people and good food. They even had a egg hunt for the kids too. It's always so fun to get together with a lot of family. Then Monday morning we did Easter Bunny and hunt at our house. We started a tradition in our house to do all Easter bunny stuff on Saturday, but since we were driving home from Frisco and spent Sunday at his Aunts we did it all Monday. If felt weird to do it after Easter Sunday was over, but that is just how it worked. The easter bunny brought the boys real tool sets, so they have been outside fixing things and hammering nails into a stump! Peyton got a pink golf club set. I know pretty anti-climatic for her, but she got a dress too, so it all works out!!


A few weeks ago I decided to go up and stay with Tyrel. We don't go very often, because he is in a tiny 2 bedroom 2nd story condo at the end of main street. He also leaves at 5:45am and gets back at 6 and has 1hr of paper work. So basically we eat dinner with him. The rest of the time we pretty much go to parks and go on bike rides. We try to not be in the condo too much because of the people living below Tyrel. But anyways we had a good time. My kids love this park they have up there. It's huge and will entertain them for a long time. Our routine was wake up,I run to a few stores, then go to the park, eat lunch, do naps, and then go for a bike ride then come back for dinner. I got a lot of summer shopping done for Cooper and Peyton. It was nice to get away for a little while too and see Tyrel everyday.