Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quick Update!

Well I know I haven't posted a lot lately, but that is because I dont' have internet. I just got my computer fixed so once I get back home I will look into internet providers. Right now the boys and I are in Denver with Tyrel. It has been a boring week, because I have been super sick. We headed up here Monday and on the way up I started to feel aching. By that night I was up all night with a fever, a mean chest cough that made my chest go up in flames each time I coughed and of course major sinus pain!! Wed night and Thur morning I had the worst fever. Cooper leaned to give me a hug and jumped back saying "mommy hot". So it wasn't until Thursday afternoon and Friday that we haven't gotten out of this hotel room. So now I am feeling a lot better and ready to enjoy a fun weekend. Life in Colorado is going pretty good. As of Sunday Tyrel will have a furnished condo up here so we can come visit more. It has a park across the street and a pool in the summer. His company is renting it for him until the cotract for this mine in New Mexico gets settled because he will be working down there more. Which is still three hours from our house in Bayfield. The boys are doing pretty good. Cooper is still having a rough time here and there adjusting to the unstability of our life. He has gone to bed once before 9pm since we moved here. I have tried everything. He still won't go to nursery without one of us in there. Other than that he a great fun kid!! Trip is wonderful. He sleeps most of the time,but when he is awake is all smiles and just exlpores!! As for me I am doing great and loving life!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Last Friday on a whim I decided to drive up to Denver with the boys to see Tyrel since he wasn't able to come home for the weekend. We had a lot of fun. On Saturday we went to the Aquarium and the Children's Museum. The museum was more of Cooper's thing because he got to be hands on and play. Then on Sunday we went to church and then Tyrel's Aunt and uncle's house for the superbowl. Tyrel's cousin and her husband also came over with their two boys who are the same ages as mine. Her older son Rowen is 7 days older than Cooper and Trip is 2 days older than her other boy Bauer. Cooper and Rowen I thought played so well together. It's too bad they don't love closer together. Then on monday I hung out with the boys and then we went to Chucky Cheese for dinner and Cooper that was pretty cool. He still talks about it. Of course Cooper got to go swimming a lot at the motel too. We then came home on Wednesday. We were exhausted, but it was a lot of fun. Thanks Tyrel for a great weekend!!