Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!

K so I was so excited about my cool new toilet seat that I didn't post the obvious reason to have had posted that day. It was Tyrel and I's 6th Anniversary on Friday the 11th!! I forgot to post because realistically it didn't feel like it at all. Tyrel has been home one day in that last 2 and half weeks! He had to work two Saturday's ago and then was working on a drill in North Dakota last weekend. So on Friday I took my kids out for my anniversary to a free lunch at a local country store, got a baby sitter to watch my kids so I could go to a church meeting and grocery shopping!! I know I went all out!! Then for Valentine's day I called to see if any couples needed a babysitter and everyone said no, but one friend said her husband was working so invited us to BK with her kids!! Free lunch and BK for my romantic dinners of the year, yipee!!! hahaha But it's ok Tyrel is actually coming home today for a long weekend and we are definitely going out this weekend!!

So as I said it's been 6 years. Here is where it gets kind of sappy. He is really an amazing husband. He works hard, is an amazing dad, and treats me like a Queen. For someone who is hardly home, he sure does an amazing job of staying in touch of what is going on here. He knows are kids inside and out and even when he's home a day or two he can tell when they act out of their norm. He blends right into our routine. He is amazing at making the most of his weekends home and never asks for "me" time. He tries to gets things fixed around the house, spend time with his kids, and time with me. He never tells us to just leave him alone or I want to do this. I have to push him to do something for himself!! He is great listener when I need to vent and great at talking problems out, so we rarely argue, and if we do it's over just as quickly as it began. He helps out with the kids and around the house so much that when I need to ask for it i kind of feel guilty. He definitely makes me a strong person. He never complains so it makes me tough things out and not complain either. Because of him the trials we face have not got me down because he doesn't allow them too. He doesn't let me feel sorry for myself and reminds me all the time to remember how blessed we are. He is always the voice of reason and I always feel the strength of his priesthood in our home even when he's away. He thanks me endlessly for all that I do and in return I am thankful for all that he does!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

I know I am a dork!!

So I know I am a dork, but I am excited for this post. My sister Sarah has one of these toilet seats and I have wanted one since I saw it and because I hate toddler potty seats, they are so gross. I felt wasteful for buying one when realistically we had a toilet seat lid. But luckily this week the kids totally broke the old one. It was wood and it split down the middle!! So I was excited to go buy this one. As you can see you flip up the first lid and it's a toddler size seat and then you flip it up again and ta-da, an adult size seat!! I know I know the simple luxuries of life!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I can't believe Peyton is 1 already, all 17 some odd pounds of her. I just went through a tote of clothes and found tons of dresses my sister gave me for 12-18mo(not that she can fit in those yet), but I remember putting this in a tote right before I had Peyton thinking it's forever away before I will need these clothes and here I am a year later!! Peyton so far is an amazing little girl. She is so happy, independent, and expressive. I have had so many people tell me how amazed they are with her expressions and that she speaks so loudly with her eyes! She is a girl with a 100 faces. She started taking her first steps on Saturday two days before her birthday. She is so cute when she stands all alone or takes a four or five steps she just lights up and gets so excited. Every time she wakes up she comes around the corner and looks for her brothers and gives them a huge laugh and smile when she spots them. She is so easy going that at times I have to remind myself that she's not asleep and go look for her in the house. I have to admit I LOVE having a girl. I didn't think I would love it so much. I was perfectly ok with being a mom of boys. Of course I am trying to decided if it's a girl I love having or just an easy going 1 year old who is almost always happy, I don't expect anything out of, or doesn't talk back and you don't have to bribe to get her to eat all her food. And even though I am not a girly girl I sure have had fun buying girly clothes and a doll for her. It's a nice break from buying trucks,balls, and tools!! Anyways I feel so blessed to have such a cute fun little girl, (but as Cooper says he LOVES LOVES Peyton, but DOES NOT want anymore sisters!!