Saturday, December 11, 2010

Catch up!

I took this picture the other day because Peyton was so sick and it was so sad! She was running a fever and throwing up and I had to put her down for a second and instead of crying she just tried to crawl to me and after a few step just layed on the floor!! I know I am a mean mom for stopping to take a picture, but it was so sad!!

At Thanksgiving Cooper came into my sister's house and said hey mom watch me ride a two wheel bike and sure enough he taught himself how to ride a two wheeler!! One less thing for me do! Now he's cruisin.

Well I thought I would do a few posts to catch up before Christmas starts. November to now has been busy!! So enjoy and I will post again after the craziness of Christmas is over!!

My Grandpa's Funeral

Our awesome gingerbread house!!

My Aunt Pam. My mom's youngest sister.

Me and my amazing sisters.

Seth and Kathy's boy Colton. He is so cute, mainly because he liked me. He even got me confused with his own mom a couple times!! Him and Peyton had so much fun together.

So after I got back from Arizona I had to regroup and takes my kids to my mother-in-law's so I could catch a plane with Peyton to my Grandpa's funeral in Seattle. My grandpa was 90 years old and spent the last couple years of his life living next door to my mom. The funeral was nice and it was nice to see family. Sadly I don't have any recent pictures of him. He was pretty much the only grandparent I ever knew. We had 9 or my 10 siblings there. I got to stay at my brother Seth's house and had a blast. His wife Kathy is a lot of fun. We had a blast playing games and visiting. My sister Lea Ann, Adam, and I also got to participate in their annual Gingerbread House Making Contest. We even got second place, which is great considering Seth kept pushing me to prepare and plan. The picture here doesn't do it justice. We did the three little pigs. The house of sticks and straw are both blown down with the pigs burried in the rubble. The whole scene is complete with mailboxes, cul-de-sac, garden, sheep, a wolf stuck in the mud and other various details. It was a lot of fun. Thanks Seth and Kathy for a fun weekend!!


For Thanksgiving it was our year to head to Arizona. We had it at my sister Sarah's house with her kids, my sister Lea Ann and brother Adam and their families. Total I think there are 8 adults and 16kids. We had a blast playing games, watching football, hiking rocks, bowling, and eating yummy food!! Cooper and Trip had a ball playing with cousins they crashed every night at bedtime!!

Friday, December 10, 2010


So for Tyrel's birthday I surprised him with hunting stuff. I had a lot of fun going out with him for the first time and even though we hiked all day it was a lot nicer than hearing the word "mom" all day so for that reason alone I see myself be an avid hunter all my days!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Family Picture Time

I actually enjoy family picture time. Especially since the one hanging in our living room doesn't even have Peyton in it. My sister Sarah took our family pictures and I think they turned out great. There aren't even any touch-ups done to them, just my sister's pure talent!! I also have Thanksgiving pictures to post, but my sister took them or I stole her camera and took them, so once I get those I will post more!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

10 things I have noticed about being a mom

1. You lose the desire and urgency to change your shirt once it's been spit up on, drooled on , or wiped with. ( I mean why bother the new one will get dirty again in seconds)

2. You have to pay attention closely to a child's poop's consistency, frequency and color.

3. Too much silence in my house is usually a bad thing.

4. The bathroom once a private place is now just as open as the living room!

5. As many times as I try to keep my children from throwing tantrums I have probably had just as many.

6. Any major illness or injury occurs late Friday before the weekend.

7. Anytime I decide to take my kid to the doctor nothing is wrong, but when I hold off and wait to long there is usually something more wrong.

8. As many times as I have heard and know that all children are different I still try to discipline them the same way and expect it to work.

9. As mean as it is I kind of enjoy my children running a fever because just for once they will just lay there and let me hold them.

10. Finally number 10! Even on my worst day or my kids worst day there is not a day that goes by where I don't look at each of my kids with amazement and realized how blessed I am to have them in my life.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Long Update

Cute little Peyton had her 9mo checkup yesterday. Well she only gained 8oz since her last check-up. She is 15Ib 8oz and only in the 4th percentile for weight!! She's not much better for height either!! That is fine with me though, she is happy and healthy.

Well I haven't posted in a while. October was a busy month. It started off fun by a visit to my sister Sarah's. We had a blast. Cooper and Lauren played happily non-stop all week , I did crafts with my sister, watched movies, and shopped. It was so nice to get away and have fun with family.

Then in the middle of October Tyrel's sister came for a short visit and during that visit I went and got my hunter's safety card which you have to have to hunt in Colorado. It was a class for one day from 8am-8pm. It was a long long day, but I passed.

Then for Halloween we went to our ward party for a dinner, games, and trunk or treat. The boys were Phineas and Ferb. I invited our neighbors and the mom Trina came with her two daughter and a friend. It was nice to have them there to take my kids around trunk or treating while I handed out candy.

Then for Tyrel's birthday we gave him his presents, one being my hunter's safety card which he had no idea I got. He has been asking me to get it since we got married and so finally I got it done. Then with my neighbor's help the boys and I made Tyrel an ammo box. It was so fun to do and of course Tyrel loved it. And the rest of his Birthday present is his mom is coming over tonight so I can wake up and go hunting with him all day tomorrow. I am actually really excited to spend a full day with Tyrel out in the woods nice an peaceful. Doesn't Tyrel look sad blowing out his candles. He was so sick that night. But he was tuff and sat up to blow out candles.

I am off to a busy weekend of hunting, then ward thanksgiving dinner, then Saturday primary activity to practice the primary program!!

Oh yeah and I got bucked off my horse on Friday. It was a pretty good fall. All I know is the horse started taking off, I tried to slow her down and then she started bucking, something hit the back of my head and then I was on my back trying to catch my breath. I seriously don't even remember falling off the horse. I have bruises on my right knee, hip, forearm, shoulder and head (so I take it I landed in on my right side). I sprained and bruised my left wrist which is oddly getting worse. And pretty much didn't move Saturday. Tyrel felt so bad and didn't want to leave me to go hunting, but I finally got it out the door after convincing him I was fine just sore. Hey you can't be too injured if you get bucked off and then head in the house to finish cooking dinner right? I just had to keep moving because all I really wanted to do what just go lay down and cry!! My neighbor was outside and ran over to see if I was alright, so I just kept making jokes so she would know I was fine, but I really just wanted to die!! Every spot on my body hurt!!! I have been to the chiropractor twice since. He said luckily no joint damage just a lot of bruised and torn tissue. It was a fun experience and I am still laughing about it and am not even sore anymore except the wrist. At least Tyrel was proud of how tough I acted!! My sister's thought it was hilarious that I didn't cry and went in to finish making dinner. OH THE COUNTRY LIFE!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Cooper and Trip are literally each others best friend. They play so well together and lately really well. From the second they wake up to when they go to bed they play non-stop. They have have bunk beds but end up sleeping in the same bed. Even the last few nights I have been putting them to bed at 8pm and I keep having to go into their room and turn off the lights until 9:30pm because they keep wanting to play together. I finally got these pictures off my cell phone. Two of them I took today. But my favorite one is the top one. Trip was upset and Cooper was trying to cheer him up and take him over to the horses to feed them grain. Luckily I got my phone out in time to get a picture before they stopped walking like that. There was about three weeks last month where they were not getting along. It drove me nuts, because I was used to them playing together. But luckily they are back to being buds. I am so proud of Cooper for being such a good big brother and being so patient with a little brother.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


So last week Tyrel took the week off to get some stuff done around the house before winter. I know it sounds crazy doing work outside all week, but having Tyrel around home for a week was a blast. It was better than a lot of vacations. Just to eat dinner together as a family, have him to hang out with at night, and have my boys hang out with their dad was the best!! We did a lot of projects and had a little fun too!! Tyrel finished insulation my storage shed, split tons of wood, replaced roof screws, put some trim up in Peyton's room, and tons of little things here and there. I worked a a new table Loretta had given us. I refinished it and I love it!! I have been wanted a bench a table forever, I think they work awesome with kids and it fits the style of my kitchen. Troy and Loretta also came up on day to see one of Cooper's soccer games. It was also great for Tyrel to see a couple of Cooper's games. Now next is another great week with my sister in Arizona!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What we've been up to!!

My 1st canning project. I didn't really plan on canning this year. I have just been freezing corn and green bean ,but I went out to the garden and came in with 24 cucumbers. Both of my neighbors hates cucumbers and Cooper and I like them, but not that much! So since they were too pick for your normal pickling cucumbers I just sliced them up in hamburger pickles slices. So we'll see in 4-6 weeks if they taste good or not!!

One of our two new additions to our family is my new horse Snicker. We got her from Tyrel's dad. So I am now the proud owner of a horse. Who would have thought!! I have rode her once and so far I like her!!

Here is our other new addition, Sancho. While I was in Denver a month ago our friends were giving away puppies. So since we had been recently give a nice insulated dog house and a 10'x6' runner kennel why not right? So far he is a really good puppy. He is not that hyper and listens pretty well. He is a English setter, blue heeler mix.

Other news is Cooper started soccer a few weeks ago. He LOVES it. He hustles and while I coach and yell at him from the sides lines pushing him to be better, some parents have expressed how impressed they are with his grasp of the game for being 4 and never played before. So not knowing anything about soccer that was nice to hear. I really think he may be one of the two youngest on the team. So far he scores about 2-3 goals a game.

Here is just a cute pictures of Peyton hanging out during one of Cooper's games. She is just about crawling. She rocks on all fours and take a few crawling steps here and there, even though she can pretty much get where she wants to already.

Now we are headed into a week with Tyrel home all week. We have many projects on our list we want to get done before winter!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Primary President

K today I was officially called and set apart as the new Primary President. So I all I can say as of now is here we go!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good Old Potty Training

K so back in March Trip wanted to be potty trained. I didn't really want to do it, but had a feeling if I didn't he would lose interest and maybe not get it back until he was like 3 so I gave in. He is such a stinker. He picked up on it real fast and then decided he wants to be potty trained when it's convenient for him. So last week I decided I need to put my foot down. It's all or nothing bud! So every time he peed his pants he got a nice swift swat in the rear! Every time! No misses. Because he perfectly knows how to pee in the potty. So after a few days of that his laziness is fixed! I know I am a dork and not tackling this sooner. So finally I can go out in public and not worry about him peeing his pants when he gets distracted! Cooper was a piece of cake compared to this kid.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How does your garden grow?

The first thing we enjoyed from the garden.

Yummy Hubbard Squash!

Cooper helped me pick and snap the green beans. He loves it.

2 pumpkin plants (mainly 1 though)

The biggest pumpkin so far. It's going to be huge!

This is 1 squash plant. It has taken over the corn rows and started to head towards the pumpkins!

K so my first attempt at a garden this year has been not the best. But what did survive poor watering and weed overtake has turned out pretty good. I am excited for next year and all the changes I am going to do. A better watering system, cool weed control tricks, and planting closer. But what did survive is producing wonderfully. We are going to have some awesome pumpkins, tons of squash,a few cucumbers, a nice head of leaf lettuce we have already enjoyed and it keeps comin, we've already had some good green beans and lot more to come, and we are going to try the corn this weekend.