Monday, February 22, 2010

Grandma Raspberry

Well after a fun week with Tyrel home we then got to have my mom here for a week. Every since Cooper last summer picked raspberries at my mom's house in Washington he calls my mom Grandma Raspberry. So anyways. We had so much fun being with my mom. It was so nice to just visit and hang out. My poor mom was sick most of the time she was here with a nasty cold. She felt so bad that she couldn't do as much as she liked because she has back problems. She is actually going in for a major back surgery today. I didn't mind at all though. It was so fun to just hang out with her and visit and see her play with my boys. Tyrel and I even got to go out to dinner and a movie for our anniversary. It was nice to have an adult to visit with since 5 1/2 days a week is just me and little people!! It was also great to have my mom come see out new house and enjoy the country. She loved the mountains and the views all around our house. Thanks again mom for coming I had a blast and so did the boys!!